Thursday, January 21, 2010

Awards an loveliness

So recently I was paid the compliment of some awards from two of my favorite bloggers. Since I'm currently in the middle of trying to figure out how to setup a custom template for my blog (apparently it doesn't matter if you can crawl through a computer's registry without damaging it, the skills don't transfer towards CSS and HTML and all that stuff) I won't be putting them up currently. That said I wanted to take the time to properly thank them here.

First up Ally over at Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

If you don't already follower her, you should. She's a great writer who shares wonderful stories from her life. The likes of which include everything from running a Monkees fanzine when she was a kid to her wishing she was Jewish so she could have a Bat Mitzvah. She's funny and very nice. So if you haven't, check her out.

Kristy is a fantastic writer. She blogs about her days and whatever oddness she happens to be thinking about. Whether it's pondering the apocalypse, sharing about her diet and exercise regime or discussing movies, she writes with a flair and style. I very much enjoy the strong narrative she leads with. Definitely check out her blog if you haven't already.

My thanks to the both of you.


  1. Thanks for turning me on to at least one of those two trouble makers. One was talking about the evile that is Pippi Longstockings and I had to vent at the children trauma that brought back up. Now I can follow every one of her evile rememberances in case proper authorties have to be contacted. Pippi inspired much murder and mischief in her day - freakin' freak of a freak.

  2. The other one seems ripe for giving me insight into the non-polar bear female brain. Female polar bears what to just judge me so I have them already figgered out. But other women? There is a mystery. Even the ones what hate me have sisters who may not.

  3. I'm glad you're following them. Your wisdom is a boon for any blogger.

    Seriously though, what could you have against Pippi Longstocking? Wait- are you prejudiced against gingers?

  4. Only girls with freakish strenght who beat my ass that entire summer. And there was nothing you could bribe her with. Ask her about the 'suicide' of Tippy the DOg and lets see how she sees the insident. I see that dog strangled and ny self preservation mode took over. that is my story and its my story till death. Pippi will tell you the truth.

  5. I'd like to empathize, but by your own admissions, no one had a better childhood. You even had castle tree houses.

  6. That was only once a week on Sunday that we could crawl on the treehouses. The rest of the week the only thing that gave us any joy was beating the help with sharp fresh brances from the Chesnut trees. It was akin to being an shoeless urchin on the street I tell you. (our coach had only TWO horses and one couchmen)

  7. LOL.

    Only two? Alright, stop, I can't... the tears... back building...

  8. Hey TS hows your day going? I'm already a follower of Tales of a fourth Grade Nothing.. and am now a follower of This Train of Thought.. she's pretty funny.. the apocalypse.. how crazy lol.. can't wait to hear about "the end of the world" post she's gonna do! Thank's for introducing her!

  9. @Cal, I'm sorry to have brought up such horrible memories :( Really!

    @Aion - thanks for following!

    @TS - thanks for the awesome mention! I didn't notice this until today!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  10. Don't feel bad Ally unless you childhood nickname was Pippi, because if it was then damn you to hell.


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