Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kick Ass Blogger Award

So I had a pretty crappy past couple of days what with my eye being swollen up for no apparent reason. Today though has been different. I had some fun with my brother that I will be posting either tonight or tomorrow. And Geof over at Enter The Man Cave passed on an award to me. If you don't already follow Geof, you should, he's got an amazingly awesome blog. Funny Funny Funny.

As part of of the dealio I'm passing it on to 8 bloggers. Can't pass it back to Geof as part of the rules, so here's my 8:

1) Calvin's Canadian Cave of Coolness - I don't know how he finds so much awesomeness, but he does.

2) I Blog Your Profile - Aion and Nicole showcasing other bloggers makes for a must read.

3) Listophelia - Just discovered her blog recently, and have decided it's pretty genius

4) This Train of Thought Has Been Derailed - Excellent writing, with a mix of silly and wry humor

5) Dreams from Reality (though that's probably just a temp title) - He doesn't post that frequently, but I've enjoyed it when he does.

6) Bunny! - One of my first follows. She has a strong narrative that I enjoy reading.

7) Keeping it Cheeky since 1991 - Another one I'm new to following. She is hysterical. I'm hoping this will goad her into posting more often.

8) The Clean White Page - I'm not always in the mood for a short story, but when I am this is the blog I go to for my fix.

I skipped some of my favorites that were already mentioned by Geof, so don't think I'm passing you over, if you weren't mentioned.


  1. Thank you darling! This is a really cool award. I'm off to look at my fellow winners!

  2. Thank you! (and no... I never get tired of awards)

  3. Ahh TS My Friend! Thank you :D I will now be about passing them along!! Choices choices!! There are SO MANY!!



  4. Thank you! I never tire of being called genius. Can't wait to pass this on...

  5. As a thank you, I'm mentioning you in my next post. But just in case that isn't enough because I'm pretty gosh-darn thankful, I'm thanking you again right now. Thanks!!

    P.S. Don't tell any of my other 2 followers, but you're officially my favorite.

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