Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Special: Award for you!

So I realized after I posted last week about receiving some awards, that I missed several people I wanted to mention. So I thought, why not design my own award for a change and just hand that out? Essentially it's an excuse to plug some of my favorite blogs.

There are always rules to these things, so here are mine: You can put it up if you want but you don't have to. You can pass it on if you want but you don't have to. That's it. Basically do as you like.

I shrunk it down for a better blog fit, but the large version looks even better. Oh well, it's still a grunge penguin. Beat that.

The recipients in no particular order:

1) Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool - The sheer volume of his posts guarantees there's something for everyone.

10) Bossy Betty New to following her, but loving her style and wit.

7) As I Saw It - Everyone awards Pat for his other blog, but his photo blog is just killer.

J) A Mainland Streel - another new one to me, but I'm hooked!

1000) I Think It's Interesting - One of my favorite blogs period.

27) I Like Horror Movies - I learn of so many horror films I haven't seen from this blog.

8) listophelia - I said it before, I'll say it again, this blog is just too clever.

4) Not Worth Mentioning - I'm sure everyone already follows this blog and with good reason, It's the bomb.

Thomas) This Train of Thought Has Been Derailed - Another of my absolute favorites.

LO7) Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing - Again, I'm sure everyone follows her, but if not you should.

Zorp) Get Brad Stanley Published - A truly brilliant and original blogger.

I hope you'll find some new great blogs to read in this list. I also want to mention again Reputation@Stake. He's the one been doing the Battles of the Shapes here. Really funny guy and he has his own blog. Now that you've gotten to know his humor here a bit, you should make sure to stop by The Stupid Bet.

Also to everyone I awarded last time, I didn't include you on this because it was already getting long, but this also applies to you.

Oh and one last tidbit. This is not the first penguin rock star I've designed. It seems to annoy my brother, which just spurs me on to make more.


  1. Thank You Sir!!!
    I am honored (for the original award) and grateful (that there are no rules).

    Will there be lapel pins?

  2. Thanks so much. Your blog is da bomb as well.

  3. Thank you. Betty adores you. I shall make a pie in your honor.

  4. I love the numbers, letters and names you gave to each blog. Thomas BAAHHHAHHHH Good stuff.

  5. I love the rocker penguin. Sooo cool.. and will check the blogs that you mention..

  6. The cool thing about penguins are, they are always dressed up! Always ready for a party.

  7. Woohoo! Thanks for the props homeslice, if I introduced you to one new film you might not have seen otherwise, I have done my job! Glad to rank beside all of these other great blogs

  8. Thanks for the mention, and thanks for the suggestions of so many other great blogs to check out. When someone I recommend, makes recommendations, I stop setting fire to my neighbor's house, and go check them out. So, I'm sure those other bloggers thank you, and my neighbor probably thanks you.

  9. Hey TS! A little sumpin' sumpin waiting for you at my place...

  10. Woo hoo! I love The Non-Review too! You're getting an award from me as soon as I can finish the award post! I'm not very good at those things....

  11. Clearly I am blind, because I read this post when you wrote it, but somehow didn't see my name there!

    Thank you so much! I love your blog too, and I appreciate this awesome rocker penguin! :)


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