Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You can't go home again... but you can watch it on TV!

The new show Happy Town is set to debut on ABC and I'm geared up for it. The plot revolves around a little town where years back several kidnappings went unsolved. A lot odd mysteries start popping up and presumably the general paranoia that accompanies this type of show.

I have heard a lot of mixed things about the pilot, and I can't say for sure whether or not the show will be any good or if it'll last. What I can tell you is that I will be glued to the screen when it debuts. Why? Because a large part of it was shot in Port Hope, Ontario. Roughly ten minutes from where I lived as a kid. I know the area very well and I'm kinda psyched to see if I can recognize the scenes shot there. I understand it was also shot in other places in Canada as well but who cares about that.

Ok, so granted that's not really a reason for you to watch, but why does everything have to be about you? Oh, right...

Still, who knows, the show might even be good.


  1. So many scenes from movies and tv shows are shot in Canada these days. Cheaper, or something like that. Go Canada, go! :)

  2. I give all shows a chance by watching the first episode. And I like these kind of creepy small town shows where everyone has a secret. Then they go one of two ways - they either involve me in the solving of the mystery or they become too weird for their own good. I agree with you. Let's see. I watched the new show 'Gravity' the other day and it was unlike anything I had seen before so I am sticking with that show. But 24, it will be a slog getting to the end of this season. I am so over that show.

  3. I was planning on trying this one out too, so maybe I'll invite myself over and bring some popcorn. Salt and butter?

  4. Cal, yes I do like these types of shows. Hopefully it'll be good. I'm just looking forward to seeing what places I can recognize.

    Rep, I got the popcorn covered. I make mine with coconut oil. Mmmm

  5. Of course you use coconut oil. You are not an animal. You are a civilized gentleman.

  6. The commercial for this show frighten me....


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