Monday, September 13, 2010

CSN Winner Announcement

Yes it's true, another contest has come to an end. This time around there were some really great answers. Unfortunately only one can win. The winner this go round is Katrina Brady. Congratulations, Katrina! This time around the theme was greed and I also added that anyone could enter as many times as they wanted. She certainly took advantage of this by entering 20 different times!

If that doesn't show the proper winning spirit, I don't know what does. Thanks to all who entered and I wish you the best of luck the next time.


  1. Damn, I forgot about entering multiple times. Adam West was suppose to remind me. You will pay for this Batman.

  2. Congrats Katrina! I won that from Marlene's blog. We got a cool pot rack that my hubs never bothered to hang :(


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