Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Comments

At first glance it might seem a little egotistical to review commenting on my own blog. I don't deny that. But when you invest time and effort, writing posts you hope will entertain, you hope for at the very least, some feedback. For awhile I was getting a lot of it. Before the A to Z challenge this blog was doing great. I'm probably the only one who finished the challenge with less people commenting than before. Mind you, I know a lot of people have just left the blogging world completely, and there's always a natural ebb and flow. Despite the lead up, this post really isn't about how many comments I get.

Before when I was getting a certain volume, I could ignore some annoyances that cropped up. But now with reduced numbers I find it hard to. People who comment, without reading the post at all is my particular grievance. I know every blogger faces time constraints, and getting around to each blog is a lot of work. It's not even really that I've had a problem with people not reading my posts but still commenting. It's more about having the decency to properly fake it. Look, I've done it, skipped an article, because I didn't have the time, but still commented. I don't view it as a great sin, but more of still wanting to show your support for a blog or blogger. But it's all about how you do it.

If you're going to try and pass it off, at least have the common courtesy to read 1 line. If you read that 1 line you'll have something that you can actually state an opinion about. If you try and base your fake comment off just the title of the post or the subject matter, you'll often miss entirely what was being said, and leave the writer with nothing. In these cases, it's better to have never commented in the first place. Copyboy wrote a short tongue in cheek post about it last year. If I was more industrious, I would go archive diving for the post. See, I do read articles as well. Most of the time actually.

That's another key for me. If you never read an article I write, but still comment all the time, why bother? If it's to keep me coming back to your blog, you needn't do that. If I'm reading your blog, it's cause I like it. To the point, I've stopped reading several blogs that I lost interest in for one reason or another. I also have blogs that I follow that I will only occasionally read because I like certain posts. And of course the issue of when a post is published, also plays into it. That's why I've always tried to stay consistent with when I publish my posts.

I also realize that I've had to alter my writing a bit as of late. Since I got out of the hospital, I haven't really had the up and go needed to write five a week. My ideas are there, but I haven't got the motivation. And while I don't write specifically for the comments, investing oneself in a piece, only to have someone comment on it in such a way as to show they haven't read a word, is deflating. Mostly, I agree that first one should write for themselves. But I also think blogging is a way to keep the wheels churning through the times when you don't feel like writing, so that the rust doesn't creep up into the wheel well.

I thought about not writing this, for the chance that I might offend some people, but I also figured there's a good chance that the people that this is aimed at won't even read it. I mean heck, last week I posted a long article, and had a comment on it a literal minute after publishing it. I suppose the commentator could be a speed reader, but I doubt it. It's even worse when I post something as short as a 'what cats are saying' and a commentator couldn't even be bothered to read that.

Honestly though, I don't know why it's bothering me as much as it is. I started this blog, not for the purpose of getting comments. For the most part, I still feel that way. Comments are nice, but I like writing and letting my craziness spill out of my head and onto the keyboard. But for some reason, it's just really killing my momentum lately and leaving me with a sense of 'what's the point?' And so I've written out this long diatribe, that really is more vanity than anything else. But I just felt if I'm going to continue I had to clear my head. Now that I have, I shall return to my regular posting. Thank you for your patience, I do apologize for the long complaining, and please, feel free to comment, or not.


  1. I've had a lot of these same thoughts - just what is this all for, really? Comments, validation or just solely. I still don't know the answer.

  2. The only time people's comments bother me is when they write a paragraph long commment on how my blog post is wrong about this and that, but clearly, have not read the whole article, or in most cases, don't see that I'm joking.

    I don't mind the others comments, but I don't get nearly as many as you do, so maybe I'm just hungry for the attention.

  3. I am commenting because I did read your post and read all of them. I do tend to leave shorter comments, due to the sheer amount of blogs I visit in a day. But I get those sometimes - comments that don't really make sense. Once in awhile I'll see that someone is leaving the same comment everywhere. (Weird, huh?) I promise to leave intelligent comments here from here on out, unless of course my brain has turned to mush...
    Now I want to know about this hospital visit! That I missed somewhere...

  4. Tim...a lot of people do that...I do make it a point to read the entire post and comment on what I have grasped....if any of my comments have made u feel that way...I apologise....I may not have grasped it...but I have hardly commented on any blog for a week as blogger was cut off for I hope it isn't me u are talking about.... one can hope, can't they? :D
    P.S I consider myself a sort of speed reader too... :P

  5. I should have put this in the post, but I wrote it pretty quickly. If you read my stuff, and comment, I assure you it's not about you. I've been a little frustrated with a couple of people lately, and rather than start any kind of conflict I just wanted to clear my head.

    Rek, I can say 100% I know you read my posts. I don't doubt you in the least.

    I really didn't mean to offend anybody with this post. I just had to air my frustration so I could move on.

  6. I am a speed reader. Years of work in the corporate world has trained me to be one.

    If you feel I comment too quickly, I am sorry.

  7. I agree, I love turkey for Thanksgiving too. Great post. TOTALLY KIDDING!!! Yeah, I grapple with getting upset. I look at it this way. If people want to be seen on your post/blog so bad that they'll write anything – I take that as a compliment. No?

  8. I've had instances where the commenter who doesn't even read has bothered me, but for the most part, I try to not let it get to me. Spam, spammers and bad commenters are really just small things to deal with in context of most of my readers and most of my commenters.

    So. That said, I hope writing it all out helped realieve some of the annoyance, or whatnot. :)


  9. My pet peeve is "good post"....or "interesting". I get that one sometimes. While I will freely admit that I sometimes will quickly skim through a blog post, I always try to at least get the general idea of what someone is saying before opening my claptrap. Of course, there are the occasional blog posts where I'm like "duhh???" (because I really DON'T have a clue about what they're saying, or because I don't feel I have anything half way intelligent to add...i.e.,blogs about poetry, which I suck at!)

  10. It's me you are talking about right? I know I go on and on about stupid things. I always read your stuff. You are my boy from back when we fought the Huns together. Savage Huns we called them, member?

  11. I used to leave a lot of comments to a lot of blogs, but my free time has suddenly been reduced, and I also am often late to the game because of timezone differences so don't have anything new to contribute by then.

    I am very grateful to the commenters on my lonely little blog, so I can certainly sympathise.

  12. Tim, you are one of a handful of blogs I look forward to reading slowly and entirely every time. I will be the first to admit that some nights I struggle to read all the ones I really want to so periodically I may not leave a comment on any I read. Other times I comment on them all.

    I don't really have a lot of comments (I think the max I received was 13 and that was during the A-Z challenge) so I can't say I have experienced your issue. I have however noticed on some blogs that a few of the comments are either generic looking (like a cut and paste for every blog they read) or miss the point of the post entirely, as if they really had not read it.

  13. Hmm, not sure how I missed this post earlier. I think it's totally understandable how you feel. Personally, I try not to let those things bother me - at least I know someone stopped by (but you're right, it's nice to know people take the time to read what you took the time to write).

  14. I'm commenting to say I miss your comments on my blog. I'm sorry if I've lost your interest and maybe some of my creative/silly mojo. With summertime and blogger problems, I think comments have decreased for lots of people; they have for me. You're still one of my favorite bloggers; I hope you'll keep doing what you're doing.

  15. I hate when people leave comments without reading the post. One problem is that after a really long post my eyes start skimming and can miss the point. I agree with you that most blue whales have large teeth, but disagree that the solution is to mine gold in Africa. At least I think that's what this post is about... ;)

  16. I just thought of something TS. I find I get many more comments if I answer back the comments that people leave. Like the comments above, people are left hanging because you didn't respond to them.

  17. Kal, I responded to several people through email. Much like I did with you. I tried for awhile to respond to everyone's comments, but in my case I found my comment numbers went up when I just occasionally responded. May have been a coincidence, but I went with it.

    And in the instance of this post. I really wanted to speak my peace and then step away from it. I'm really not looking to offend or complain, I just wanted to clear my head with this post.


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