Friday, March 27, 2015

Celebrity Polls: Spirit Animals

Your favorite celebrities polled every week. This week, find out what Tom Cruise, Brie Larson, and Sherri Shepherd would choose for their spirit animals.

Sherri Shepherd
"My spirit animal is Toucan Sam. Trust me, I learned my lesson the last time I didn't follow his nose."

Brie Larson
"A box."

Tom Cruise
"Tom Cruise. Not me specifically, but rather the pocket size Tom who lives in one of my shoes when I'm not wearing it."

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Top 5 Up-And-Coming Sheep in 2015

Farmers rejoice. It's that time of year again, when we look at the who's who of the wool world, and which sheep are about to break out. 

A look at some of 2014's celebrity sheep. In the front, Moby, who won our hearts last year with his paintings.

Name: Terrence
Age: 3
Bio: Known in the field as the Misha Collins of sheep, Terrence has been on the cusp of breaking out for 2 years. His wool is on demand by some of the hottest designers in London, Ontario.

Name: Wilby
Age: 1 1/2
Bio: Barely over a year old and this phenom has taken hold of youth's imagination everywhere by launching a music career through youtube.

Name: Sheldon
Age: 6
Bio: Already an established character actor, Sheldon made our list this year after directing his first feature length film, 'Baa--ad As I Want To Be'.

Name: Krist
Age: 5
Bio: Shown here (second sheep back) with his ex band mates, Krist has since gone into politics and currently works as a French ambassador.

Name: Terrence Whittinger-Knit-Battle III
Age: 3
Bio: An international real estate mogul, Terrence caught our attention when he formed the charitable foundation 'Coats' which seeks to clothe shorn sheep.

Friday, February 13, 2015

We Dare You Not To Think Of These Kittens While Watching 50 Shades Of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is out this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day. Good luck watching it with your partner and NOT thinking of these adorable kittens.

Try not to remember this sweet ball of ginger fluff when Christian and Ana first meet.

This lovable rascal shouldn't pop into your head as the tension builds between the two leads.

Whatever you do, don't think of this purr machine begging to be petted as Ana and Christian share a kiss.

These two sweethearts are waiting for you to play with them, but don't think about that as Ana and Christian work out a contract. 

Definitely clear your head of this little one as you enjoy Dakota Johnson's performance.

There aren't even any marshmallows in the film, no reason to worry about suddenly thinking of this angel.

When you're watching the BDSM scenes, for goodness sake, don't suddenly remember this kitten that got tuckered out while playing with string,

None of these tired babies should bother your brain while you enjoy your erotic movie.

Friday, February 6, 2015

These Walls Could Talk

Not only could these walls talk, but when we listened in, they had some pretty insightful things to say.

"Estoy erosionando como el castillo de arena"

"This ***damned bench, already."

"I've never cared for Pat Sajak as a person. As a host...he's unbeatable."

"I grew up, not a stone's throw from here."

"Whatever happened to that fat kid from The Goonies?"

"More and more often I find myself saying I can't believe it's already _____."

"I saw a rooster the other day. It may have been a turtle."

"I've never found the bottom of that bottle yet."

Friday, January 30, 2015

These 6 Pictures of Wilford Brimley Will Make You Reevaluate Your Preconceptions About Oatmeal

Think you're set on how you feel about oatmeal? Your mind's about to be blown by these pictures of Wilford Brimley.

Get ready to question all your values regarding oatmeal.

How do you feel about oatmeal now? Bet you didn't think about this when you passed up a bowl for that sugary doughnut this morning.

If you think of oatmeal as a bland goo, you've got the wrong idea. Many enjoy the taste of oatmeal each day prepared as a gourmet breakfast.

No diabetes here.

Bet you never thought about oatmeal on a global scheme, did you? 

It's okay if you find the above image sexy. That's not wrong. Not wrong at all. Body by oatmeal.


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