About The Writer

TS Hendrik was born, he lived, and he died. Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily yet. He spells his first name without any ".'s" as he enjoys people trying to decide if it's pronounced Tee-Ess or Tssss. Either is fine, both are correct (or wrong), and neither matters in the grand scheme of things.

He has authored to date: 

  • 1 novel - Unpublished
  • 150+ short stories - Mostly unpublished
  • 1000+ poems/lyrics - Unpublished
  • 1 life - Definitely unpublished
  • The destruction of western civilization - Mercifully unpublished

When he's not writing, which is most times, he can be found laying under a rock, waiting for vultures to swoop down and be his friend. He has an on-again, off-again friendship with a cat. Currently they are in a "good" place. 

Sometimes other people write on this site. They are not him, nor is he them. Lest there be any confusion, he is only the people he pretends to be on the site and not the people who actually are. He does not know how the other people spell TS, nor does he know their current status of friendship with various cats (so please stop asking).

On the eve of his 100th birthday, at the age of 99, TS Hendrik plans on eating a full 2 lbs of bacon and hugging a panda bear. In short, he plans on leaving the world the same way he came in.

The two pictures on this page may or may not be of TS It's hard to say for sure.

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