Friday, December 11, 2009

Non-Interview: Economic Student

I recently chatted with my nephew over "the internet" which I'm told is like a telephone connected to a window. Jacob has been taking Chinese this year. The following is an excerpt from our palaver:

Jacob: So the order of conversations we learned is "hi, what's your name, my name is, etc. Are you a teacher? No, I'm a student, Are you Chinese? Is this picture of your family? How many people are there in your family? What do your parents do? Thursday is my birthday. Then I'll treat you to dinner, do you like Chinese or American? What time is it? Hi, nice to meet you, your home is lovely, would like some beer? This is my sister, she works in the library. Hello teacher, I want to ask you some questions, help me practice Chinese Wang Peng."

TS: Wang Peng?

Jacob: Yeah, Wang Peng and Li You are the protagonists of our textbook.

TS: Ah. Still, that's the basics, sister... beer...

Jacob: Sums up our end of term skits.

TS: Ha, I can well imagine.

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