Thursday, December 3, 2009

Review: Review I read on IMDB

I recently scanned the bottom of an IMDB page, expecting to see hatred for one of the worst made movies I'd ever had to sit through. Instead I found a glowing review for the film. Astounded, I read through it in disbelief. Whereas I had watched the movie and found the dialog to be laughably bad, the reviewer found it "charming" and "true to life." Where I thought the "story" was filled with holes and nonsensical logic, the reviewer was only too willing to give it a pass, instead discussing some apparent 'merits' I was unaware of.

I did enjoy how the reviewer kept referring to how "realistic" everyone's reactions were. Personally, I felt that if parents were lost for several days in the wilderness that their children should at least appear to be worried. And it seems silly to me that someone lost on a mountain would go out of his way to use up the resources as quickly as he could. I must also congratulate the reviewer for insisting they loved the movie all the more for the jackets they wore. Is that why you gave it a 7th star? No matter, I was already confused about the first 6 you gave, what's another one?

All in all a simply fascinating review. I enjoyed learning about all kinds of things I missed in the movie, and all about how wrong I was in thinking it sucked. I fully recommend their review.

***7 out of 10 ***

NOTE: I feel obligated to protect the identity of this wayward reviewer, thus I have not mentioned said movies title.


  1. Until I read of the parents in the wild I was so thinking Twilight, but then again, that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Awesome post, I love your blog.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yeah, no it wasn't Twilight. I've been on board with some stupid fads in my life, I'm proud to say Twilight isn't one of them.


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