Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 worst doomsday machines

10. The nuts cracker (and all that that implies)

9. The George Bailey moon lasso

8. The funny bone tickler

7. Peek-a-BOOM

6.My Parents nude pictures (it ended my world)

5.The lady Gaga perpetual motion machine

4. The Pat Robertson self righteous magic 8 ball

3. iDeath (there's an app for that)

2. Avatar

1. The Hadron Collider (super collider? I just met her)

Thanks again to my brother who's helped compile the lists for the week.


  1. 1 & 6 - AWESOME ... 1 especially, because I'm a nerd

  2. I'm a wannabe nerd. I have the desire to be one, just don't have the credentials to back it up.

  3. This is impressive - I re-read that list just now and 1 is still very funny to me.


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