Friday, January 8, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the new movie releases reviewed in 7 words.

Bitch Slap (limited) - Nope, not joking. That's really the title.

Crazy on the Outside (limited) - Tim Allen, romantic comedy... system fails again.

Wonderful World (limited) - Let's choose to remember Broderick in 'WarGames.'

Youth in Revolt - Books were good, Cera can only improve.

Leap Year - How do you spell the raspberry sound?

Have a good weekend peoples of the infinite thunder! (Yeah I have no idea what that means but go with it. It sounds dramatic).


  1. Yep looks like the holiday movie season has definitely passed, have to wait until summer. Although "Clash of the Titans" is coming out in March. I'm still a sucker for the cheezy version with Harry Hamlin, so I can't wait. But I'm a sucker for movies based on mythology.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that version. I'm also looking forward to the new one. I've always adored those types of movies. Ever see "Jason and the Argonauts" with all the stop-motion animation? That's the best right there.

  3. Yes! Hilarious.


  4. For Lord knows what reason I saw leap year with 2 friends ...

    It was fun laughing at it.

    Before the movie started each of us picked a line, I would say, "Oh ... my ... God!" One of them said, "(whatever a gasping noise is)." The other said, "huh?" So we would at various times do these lines in a row.

    Wait - why did you bother to see that movie? And did you cry tears of pain?

  5. That is hysterical. I have to try that out sometime.

    Why did I see that movie? Simple answer, I didn't. I do a lot of real reviews on here, but the 7 word review for the most part is just satire.


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