Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Apocalypse Now!

Just a reminder, Carlin has been dead about a year and a half and Larry the Cable Guy has a new comedy special airing soon on Comedy Central.

I'm just saying, the end of the world wouldn't completely be bad.


  1. Oh it will be bad...roving bands of hoboes with their bindles...yeh...I said it.

    word verification - emunami

  2. I love bindles! Hobos shouldn't get to own that. I'm taking bindles back for mankind.

  3. No way - do you realize how litte actually carry capacity your average bindle has? Not to mention the stick breakage problem. I think if you have graduated from HOBO to HUMAN you get to have something sylish with a shoulder strap. Like a Jack Bauer man purse.

  4. I still miss Carlin...very badly. He and Mitch Hedberg, RIP

  5. Hedberg yes! So frickin' brilliant.

  6. Those guys were awesome, RIP :(

    Larry the Cable Guy's hilarity and appeal = R.I.P. as well


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