Wednesday, January 6, 2010

By the Numbers: Angelia Jolie

Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieThis week's "thespian" in review is Angelina Jolie.

Just a reminder how this all works. Taking a look at all the films she's been in (no TV appearances or made for TV movies). I will then break them down accordingly into one of three categories; Good, Bad and Ok. After this step is complete, the results will be calculated as to whether or not she is a good actress or a bad one. As always, allowing for bias and difference of taste, there is the possibility of a 2-3 +/- percent marginal difference from person to person.

Now on to the chart:

Even though I don't count 'Ok' as bad and include it in the positive column, that still puts 'Bad' in the lead with a close 53% bad over 47% good. This means that Angelina Jolie is officially a 'Bad Actress.'

After the disappointment I felt with last week's Robert Redford analysis, it's nice to see this one skew towards my own tastes.

Who will get reviewed next week? Could be you...
Well no, not you. Please sit down, you're standing in the way.


  1. LOL, I agree with the analysis! (mostely I think I'm sick of the whole Brangelaniffer crap)

  2. I as well. Gone on waaaayyy too long.

  3. I think you should review John Cusack- he's been in so many movies. I wrote this big article on him for some website - they actually assigned it to me, then never ran it. I'm still waiting for my big $50 :(

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Cusack is perfect for next week's entry. It'll be interesting to see which column he falls into, he's done a lot of good and bad movies.

    That's terrible about the article. Bunch of sucknutters. New word I invented today to describe people of their ilk.


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