Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By the Numbers: Keanu Reeves

Twice in one week for this picture. Laziness and I are BFFs.

I don't care what some people may think, I used to love Keanu Reeves. He was a favorite of my sister's and I ended up seeing just about everything he did early on. My interest in the last few years has been more cursory, but in the right role I still think he kicks butt. Still that doesn't mean he's a good actor. For that we must do the math.

For those who don't know how this works I shall explain.

I take all the films an actor or actress has been in and break them down into three categories, 'Good' 'Bad' and 'Ok.' I do not count TV appearances or Made for TV movies. Afterwards a quick analysis will show whether or not they're a good actor by the numbers. Invariably there is a 2-3 +/- point bias on a person to person basis.

Enough chit chat let's see that chart:

I know you'll argue about my bias on this one, since admittedly I like the guy, but I truly only judge the movies. For instance, the first matrix movie I considered good, the second I thought was ok, but the third counted as bad. At any rate since ok movies are still a positive and cannot be counted in the negative column, that puts Keanu at surprising 61% good over a 39% bad. Doubters beware, Keanu is officially a good actor.


  1. Matrix and Speed are good, other than that? Pure garbage.

  2. Disagree. The Bill and Ted movies are classic. Constantine was fantastic. The Gift was great. He's been a part of a lot of good things.

  3. I have to call shenanigans based on your flawed scoring system. Keanu can du no wrong wit me.

  4. I'm confused. You're calling shenanigans because my system said he's a good actor?

  5. During a corporate fancy pants meeting a guy said, "be excellent to each other" and made sure to cite bill and ted's.

    Also, the replacements is funny ... to POOP ON! (But seriously I find it funny.)

  6. lol, that's awesome. Yeah the replacements was good.

  7. " The Bill and Ted movies are classic. Constantine was fantastic. The Gift was great. He's been a part of a lot of good things."

    I have to agree. Constantine was fantastic indeed , and it made me become a Hellblazer fan. A Scanner Darkly is a great movie too ( and has one of Reeves' best performances, but that's not the criteria here ;) ) Street Kings, genre movie and clicheistic as it is, has a certain intensity.
    He had a small role in Thumbsucker but he helped getting the movie made, and that's something.
    The guy never stops experimenting, and that's the best thing an actor could do.

  8. Well put. I respect any actor that's willing to take chances.


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