Friday, January 1, 2010

By the Numbers: Robert Redford

The NaturalLast week I introduced a new series that I'll be doing weekly, wherein I rate an actor or actress according to their body of work. The numbers are factored by a look at the total film career, analyzing the ratio of good to bad movies. Cameos on TV are not counted, nor are made for TV films. Afterwards according to the percentage, the thespian will be ranked as either a good actor or a bad actor.

Last week we looked at Harrison Ford. Today we will be focusing on The Sundance Kid himself, Robert Redford.

Now then, let's have a look at the chart:

Because one cannot count 'ok' movies as being negative, it shall be added to the 'good' for a total of 57% positive over 43% negative. This officially makes Robert Redford a 'Good' actor. To show you how unbiased I am in doing these, let me just say how disappointed I am in the results. I've never liked Redford and had hoped he would fall in the 'Bad' category. Sadly we rarely get what we want.

Who I will I review next? Only time will tell...
...And me, since I'm the one doing it.


  1. We're watching the Twilight Zone marathon and saw an episode with Robert Redford - wow he looked so young and handsome.

  2. I've watched way too much Twilight Zone... oh well, traditions must be observed. haha

  3. I found that thingie on his face to be such a distraction and I never ever believed he was 'acting' in anything. Like Tom Cruise but worse. I always get distracted in any movie he is in because I think - Oh there is Robert Redford in the old west, there is Robert Redford in the snow...ect. Of course he suffered from having to act against Paul Newman who was terrific in most everything. I do however exempt 'The Natural' even though he does seem too old to play a wide eyed huckleberry from the farm. I just love that movie so much that I can't imagine him not being in it.

    "Pick me out a winner Bobby."

  4. The Natural and Sneakers, the only movies I ever really liked him in.

  5. I don't think I've ever watched one of his movies. Was he in Deliverance? Because then that would bring the tally up to one...or maybe two I can't remember.

  6. No he wasn't. To be honest I didn't know half the movies he was in so I went by the average rating on those.

  7. Redford is a great actor. His best acting work is in 'All the President's men', 'The Sting', 'The Way We were' and 'Barfoot in The Park'. He is amazing in those, but he is great in every movie he has ever done, including less successful ones, such as 'Legal Eagles' or 'Havana'.

  8. The last two are debatable.
    At any rate, the numbers bore him out.


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