Thursday, January 21, 2010

Myspace Tiimecapsule

You remember Myspace right? It was the coolest thing before facebook bitch slapped it into the wasteland it is now. I hadn't signed into my account in over a year, but a while back it was my favorite place to throw out any randomness that flittered through my head. My last post was in October 2008. I haven't looked at my blog since. So I thought it would be cool (easy) to share some of my craziness. I'm just that generous (lazy\busy).

September 8, 2008 - Monday

Are you nuts?
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Category: Food and Restaurants

Why do they put so many peanuts in a can of mixed nuts? No one buys mixed nuts for the peanuts, they buy peanuts for the peanuts. I have never known anyone to say 'Oh, mixed nuts! Can I have some of the peanuts?'
Just doesn't happen.
Mind you it's not like it's unfair to Cashews which can also be purchased individually. But what of the lowly Brazil nut? And what, I ask you, of the Hazelnut; mixed nut's forgotten nut?

Five hazelnuts, three-hundred peanuts. I'm calling for affirmative action.

I still think that's pertinent actually. I hope you've enjoyed the first installment.

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  1. Pecans! I don't care how you say the word pea-cans/puh-cahns are the most under represented nut in the bunch. They're the cracker jack prize of the nut world.


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