Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: The little girl danced

Some moments are just perfect.

I'm an unabashed Monkees fan. Over the years I've been ostracized for it by various people. I can sing all the words to most of the songs, even the ones I hate (generally Davy's). While I listen to a lot of contemporary music in a thousand different genres, the Monkees fill a niche that no other group or band quite can. Thusly about once or thrice a year I go on a Monkees kick, listening to their collection for days on end.

It's legitimate hand-me-down music, passed on to me by my two older sisters. I grew up listening to this music. I might one day do a review of them just to express what I think was so great about the Monkees, but that's really for another day. What I want to do now is paint you a picture.

Tonight* it's supposed to storm here in Tennessee. It's been several years since we had a decent snowfall and I've been looking forward to it**. For about the past week it's been pretty cold. Colder than the area is used to. I grew up up north, so I've gotten more than a few odd looks from people bundled up in thick layers while I walked comfortably in short sleeves. Today however I decided with a storm on the way it was time to finally put on a jacket. So naturally when I stepped outside I found it to be bright, sunny and warmer than it'd been in a couple weeks.

I accepted this as the irony my life has been blessed with and hopped into my brother's truck. To the bank we drove. Since he had harassed me earlier by putting a Monkees song into my head I brought some along to listen to. You don't know what cool is till you see two men in a truck driving down the road, jamming to 'Randy Scouse Git.'

By the time we'd reached the bank and were sitting in the drive through waiting on a teller to finish up, the song had changed to 'For Pete's Sake.' I may have long ago tired of the Monkees theme song, but I still love the song that played over the end credits of their show.  And there it was, as the sun was shining down and as Mickey Dolenz was belting out 'we gotta be free' the little girl entered my plane of view. She was maybe 6, dark brown hair pulled into two bands, and wearing a bright red dress over a green long sleeved shirt. If wasn't for the time of day I would have thought she was on her way to church. Her father tried to hold her hand but quickly gave up as she not so much walked as jumped along. Freed of her fatherly tether the little girl danced in the sunlight, hitting every beat in the song perfectly.

It was no more than ten seconds, but it was fantastic. Almost immediately we were done and drove off, continuing on with our goofball rocking. I've always loved when music and the world match up, but this was one of the best I've seen.

I rate this moment a perfect 10 out of 10

*I actually wrote this yesterday before the "snow"

** I hope every year when they tell me a big snow storm is coming. Every year I fall for it like a sucker. Here now are some pictures of our great snowfall.

Look we're practically snowed in.

If you look carefully you can some in the distance.

Me in my Dog River police hat.

I have a theory that states the TN is Hell, so the snow melts around it every time a front comes. This isn't a new theory. I remember last year the weather map showed a storm literally dissolving around the state.


  1. Did you know I loved The Monkees for many years? Here's a post

    But seriously. I got to interview Micky - there's a pic of us on my facebook page (in album). He was my fave. I met his kids and wife. I also loved Peter who I wrote a personal letter to and mailed it to a NYC address someone had found somehow. I had a fanzine for them and everything. I went to conventions! I was nuts into them when I was 12-14. I knew every song. I collected memorabilia. Wow!

    Also, I'm jeal you're getting a storm. I think we're getting like an inch in NJ.

  2. I should have said I met and interviewed Micky in like 1987 or something. I was a kid reporter. Ha ha!

  3. Yeah that sounds like my eldest sister minus the interview which is pretty darn cool.

    No, we didn't get snow that's what I was getting at with the pictures. We supposed to get 2-3 inches and instead got around a few flakes. Majorly disappointed.

    Peter and Mike have always been my favorites.

  4. great story. And a mightly snowfall to boot..STAY ALIVE, WE WILL FIND YOU!

  5. lol I need one of those dog with the whiskey.


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