Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: Sony and Spiderman Reboot!?

As I just read on CHUD HERE Sony has done away with Raimi and the idea of a fourth Spiderman in favor of rebooting the series. This will include new actors, directors, producers ect.

After the piece I ran earlier today discussing how bad the idea of Malkovich as The Vulture was, I have been thrown for a loop here. This is a horrible idea. Spiderman was another comic book movie when it came out. Raimi and the current cast are what freakin' made it. The idea of starting over with the dang origin story again, is simply unpalatable.

This is Sony in it's infinite asininity. Maybe tomorrow we'll wake up and it'll have been a dream, and we won't be living in a world that remakes blockbusters within a decade, but I fear that's just not the case.

Sony: Screw You out of What the Hell?


  1. I agree with you. The greatness of the first two Spider-Man movies was because against all odds they captured lightning in a bottle. Anyone at Sony who thinks it is that easy to do will not be working for long once the new films bomb. Sounds like bean counters who know NOTHING about the heart of the character. I was in a theatre that CHEERED at the end of the first one. I cried during the second one. Takes a whole mess of talent to affect a Spidey fan that much. Sony can bite me.

  2. I must have seen the first two Spiderman films a half dozen times each. they were just that good. All the problems the third one had were from Sony butting in.

    It's just Ridiculous.


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