Monday, February 15, 2010

Let me put songs in your head vol. 5

Happy Presidents day\valentine's hangover\my nephew's birthday, if you are him. Let's start the week off right with some tunes, shall we? This week I'm feeling funnies.

WARNING: The first 2 songs contain some very naught words. If you're offended by that kind of thing, I advise you not watch.

Tonio K - H.A.T.R.E.D (1978) - As Valentine's day has come and gone, I thought something anti-love would be in order. I was really surprised to find that this had been put up on Youtube as I hadn't heard it in years. One of the interesting things about Tonio K is that he was for a short time a very controversial Christian artist. He did a couple albums that tried to showcase his faith as a real Christian, and it didn't fly with the labels. C'est la vie. This song is still hysterical.

Ben Folds Five - Song For The Dumped (1998) - Ben Folds is one of those artists that's hit or miss for me. I love a lot of his songs, but also feel much of his body of work is either A) boring and\or B) crap. This is one of his funnier ones. Goes nicely with the previous song as well.

Marcy Playground - Secret Squirrel - Marcy is best known for their 1 hit, Sex and Candy, a song that unfortunately didn't represent their sound. Their second album which didn't do nearly as well, was in my opinion, superior to their debut in every way. This song is an ode to the cartoon of the same name. They actually have several funnier songs, but I was thinking of Morocco Mole the other day. I chose this one in the spirit of President's Day.


  1. I love when bands use beloved cartoon characters as their inspiration.

  2. TS - Thanks for Favorite Friday-ing my blog. Jules and I just got back in town and she let me know. You da' man!!!

  3. @Copy, Agreed. Every band should have at least 1 song for a cartoon.

    @Geof, no prob, I always try and push my favorite bloggers on twitter.

  4. That Mr. Folds is one talented mother-effer! I love 'Brick'.

  5. Wow.... I had no idea 'Brick' was so deep until I read the Wiki article about it....

    That'll teach me for listening to lyrics and wanting to know more about a song!

  6. I know. I loved that song and then one day my sister suddenly popped up with, "you know what this song's about right?"


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