Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Football

With the end of football season, I'm once again reminded at how great a sport it is. Essentially it's a live game of chess; pieces moving up and down the field of play. It's war with no casualties and plenty of cheesy snacks. It's an excuse for men to act like idiots, and feel proud about doing so. More than that though it's a uniter.

Think about it, there was a period before football and you know what they called it? The civil war. North and south divided against each other. Instead of battling it out for supremacy in a stadium, they did it with guns and cannons and swords; blood and guts. Once football was established *psshh* gone! Now we can love our brother off the field and despise him as he takes a hit upside the head. Good clean fun.

Other countries have sports, but they're still at odds. Soccer may be the football that most of the world thinks of, but it's also extremely violent. Well for the fans it is. It causes such animosity that people die at matches and riots after games. And over what? One of the most boring games ever. Don't get me wrong I love playing soccer. It's fun to play. It makes running have a point. But watching it is the most dull, unpleasant experience. It's even more boring than baseball. Mind you if it's live that's different altogether.

Hockey is great, I love hockey. It's similar to soccer in a way, except that it's fast, it's on skates, and it's not essentially track with a ball. But hockey is not the uniter that football is. Need proof? Canada is hockey nuts, and yet Quebec is still at odds with the rest of the country. They don't kill each other mind you, and I attribute that to the CFL.

Look at Korea. There's a North Korea and a South Korea. Bad blood exists between the two of them. Know what they don't have? A football league. Civil wars exist all over the globe in places that don't enjoy the simple pleasure of tossing the old pigskin around. That is why a global initiative is needed to bring this sport to other nations. And why for our sakes I hope everything is resolved before 2011 lockout happens.

Give the world a coke? Forget that. Give 'em a football.


  1. Funny post. But remember that they have Futbol in other countries where fans kill other fans. So it's a Catch-22. lol

  2. I covered "futbol" that's just soccer. So boring it demands blood shed.

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