Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review: My stupid internet provider

For the past week I've had massive laptop problems. My browser slowed to a crawl and it was taking minutes to load thumbnails. I was having trouble reading some blogs as well as commenting. Heck there were even some of my own posts that I couldn't view or comment on on. It's been quite frustrating.

I'm usually good with fixing computer related problems, but this time I was stumped, because it didn't show other symptoms I'm accustomed to. I tried removing chrome, cleaning the system and reinstalling it. I defragged the drive, cleaned out the system of unused programs and ditched pictures and files left and right. Naturally all this was after checking for a virus. When nothing worked I went diving through the registry, but found no error there.  I was at a loss as to the cause. Then yesterday my internet connection wouldn't even log on.

I spent a good while trying to figure out what went wrong. I uninstalled the program, then after realizing I didn't have a backup disk anymore, went to the laundromat and downloaded it there. Then I found it still didn't want to start. The cause of all this? Even though it had been paid my provider had no record of it. They'd cut my speed first, and then cut me off completely. Needless to say I'm more than a little upset. My brother who shares the service called them up for a little 'chat' you might say. Gave them a good ripping.

The upshot is it's turned back on, but we have to fax them a bank record of the transaction. Took 45 minutes on the phone before they'd reached that point. And yes, naturally the call was outsourced.

I hate them. With an infinite passion. Anyways I needed to vent a little. Apologies if my posts yesterday weren't as clean reading as usual. I generally like to edit before posting but I just didn't have the chance. Anyhoo hopefully this will fix everything and I can get back on track next week.


  1. I know how THAT feels, the calling, the ranting to seemingly idiot customer care consultants (I understand that they pick up thousands of calls each day, but do they really need to make themselves by asking us what we asked them about?). Sooner or later, they'd come up to a compromise, but I hope you have something to chew on until they do. I suggest tables.

  2. Do you have cable internet? Out here in California, each cable company has there own areas, so if you're in a Time Warner area, the only cable service you can get is Time Warner Cable. There's no competition, unless you count DSL.

    It's a monopoly and an oligopoly at the same time. So they control their pricing and even if their customer service is crappy, you can't switch to another provider....

  3. @Bunny, Oh yeah, I hate those people. I mean on one hand I sort of feel sorry for them, being yelled at. On the other hand, make things right and no yelling is required.

    @ASBLACKASOBAMA, first of all, huh, I guess I never realized what your name was until I spelled it out. Secondly I believe it's similar here, however I just have a laptop, and so it's a broadband card, which sucks enough as it is without having to deal with their grief.

  4. Phew..I thought you were back on the glue again. Glad to hear you still are kickin that monkey.

    Here I have competition between Shaw and Rogers and Bell so they battle like 'cat a moose' like my Baba would say. I once turned in our old modem and the service guy literally followed me home. Of course then he tied me up and molested me and took all the good silverware but he was nice enough to solve my computer problems before he left.

    Oh and it something like what happened to you happened to me it would a become a terrible terrible incident leading the evening newscast.

  5. LOL

    Hey, at least you got something out of the experience. Or is it worse that now the internet reminds you of that fateful day?

  6. Well, in, truth it was him no longer calling that really hurt my feelings. The internet truly reminds me of our love.

  7. Will you kindly outsource your brother to me to help resolve similar issues?
    Glad yours were resolved.

  8. Ouch...that sucks. I hope they're recoverable. My problems are mostly solved, except that they're now trying to charge a reconnection fee. Anyways I wish you luck with your headaches.


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