Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Write the Review: Cop Out

I'm always doing the reviewing as well as the non-reviewing. I thought it would only be fair to let you fine people tell me what's what. Here's the deal, I'll present you with something to review, give you some things to consider and then in the comments section, either tell me why it's good or why it's bad. You can write as short or long a review as you want. Good or bad, actual prediction\review or a non. The choice is yours.

And yes I am ever so slightly ripping off the create a caption game everyone else is doing. But only slightly.

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"Cop Out"

So here we are, faced with a new Kevin Smith movie. He hasn't been so commercially successful outside of his Askewniverse, but this is different because for a change he didn't write it.  It was at one point going to be titled "A Couple of Dicks" but was later changed. Frankly I like the previous title, but that's neither here nor there. I'm not going to really say anything else. You've seen the trailers I'm sure. You know who's in it. I'm not going to color this with my personal biases.

So there you go, tell me what you think.


  1. Okay buddy, here we go!
    Tracey Morgan will be unfunny and unwatchable.
    Jason Lee will be brilliant.

    The plot doesn’t matter, the acting doesn’t matter. Each and every person in the theater is going to be thinking about:

    1.How stupid Kevin Smith sounded, responding to having been kicked off a plane last week, for being to fat.

    2.Where are Matt Damon and Ben Affleck?

    3. Where the HELL are Jay and Silent Bob?

    'nuff said...

  2. I was going to write a comment accusing you of simply not wanting to go see "Cop Out" and making us do your dirty work for you.

    And then you said it was a movie by Kevin Smith. During all my Tivo FF through the trailers I somehow missed that fact.

    Now I am sad. How could he devolve to this?

  3. Wow, I'm hearing a lot of hate for this. I'm not the biggest fan of Tracy Morgan, but who knows, it could be good.

  4. I have seen the trailers for this and I actually like Tracy Morgan doing Tony from Scarface bit. I am not sure if it will be interesting the entire movie but I chuckled at it.

    I am not sure how I will like Bruce Willis as a comical version of John McClane.

    In the end with Kevin Smith only directing (possibly phoning it in) and not actually involved with the writing, I will have to pass on this and wait for the HBO showing.

    Although if Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob or Randall and Dante happen to magically appear, then I might actually rent it. =)

    My Thoughts

  5. They should call it Snakes on a plane 2.

  6. Geez people, I never thought I'd see so much hate for Kevin Smith! Give the man his due! Am I the only one that likes the guy?

  7. I'm a little disappointed that they made Kevin Smith change the name of the film from "A Couple Of Dicks" to "Cop Out"....

  8. I do like Kevin Smith, but he hasn't had a good track record the past few years.

  9. I'll give you Jersey Girl.... But Zack and Miri and Clerks II weren't horrible!

  10. I'm one of the few who liked Jersey Girl. It was flawed, but it marked a maturity to Kevin Smith. Clerks II I thought had it's moments, but I was disappointed by Zack and Miri.

  11. I loved your blog. Thank you.

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