Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Uses For: Lint

Nothing should go to waste.

10. Save it up towards Christmas then use for a Santa beard.

9. Make a giant pillow when enough is saved up\ make several small pillows.

8. Give it as a gift to small children.

7. Give to birds for nest building.

6. Spin it into a new shirt.

5. Clone a flock of sheep from it.

4. Reupholster your favorite couch.

3. Hamster substitute for members of PETA.

2. Lint + swizzle stick = Q-tip.

1. Toupee.


  1. that's so funny, but all i can think about is belly button lint. my husband says "here honey, i have a present for you..." and it's belly button lint.... GROSS!!!! what about the jars of belly button lint that the guy saved from years ago? that's soo gross!!! what kind of lint are we talking her? lint from the clothes dryer? lint from the lint-eater? lint from the BELLY BUTTON???

  2. Ha ha, this is gold!

    I was going to share the link to that guy who collected his bellybutton lint for years, but Ashley mentioned him first. He even has advice for how to get more/better lint. :)

    "Hamster substitute for members of PETA." Love it.

  3. LOL, I hadn't even considered belly button lint. That adds a whole other dimension to the idea.

  4. I wonder how comfy a lint pillow would be. I too think the hamster substitute is hilarious!

  5. haha!!! imagine that!!! q-tips made from belly button lint.... ewwwww.... a pillow that smells like toe stench. YUCK! okay, i am totally going south with this. i'm sorry. so disgusting....

  6. I gave lint to some kids one and the little brats shoved it up my car's exhaust pipe. So I ran them over before the car broke down. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

  7. Best Top 10 I've read in a long time...very funny stuff, then again the word "lint" makes me laugh!

  8. Kal, I have no reason to doubt you. lol

    Chuck, the word makes people laugh, that should have been on the list.

  9. THis is good stuff. I am going to have to try the lint Q-tip idea.

  10. Thanks! Now I know what to get the kids for Christmas! They will be thrilled!

  11. Having an 'inny', I clean out my belly button lint every day. The Daughter hates that.

  12. Here’s another use to add to your already fantastic list:

    While attempting an overland crossing of the Darien Gap, I couldn’t find any “cat-tail” type plants, to use as “fluff” for my blowgun. I was forced to improvise and used my own “navel lint." I hadn’t bathed in quite some time, so luckily there was enough to wrap around the dart and make it fly straight and true. I ate monkey meat for days.

  13. Hahaha! Those are some pretty freaking amazing uses. You are a genius!

  14. Yes! Linty Santa is coming to my house this year!


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