Friday, March 19, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Review

All the week's new movies reviewed in 7 words

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (limited) - I should be interested, but I'm not.

The Killing Jar (limited) - Sounds like a movie I've watched before.

Neil Young Trunk Show (limited) - Highly recommended, if you suffer from insomnia.

The Runaway (limited; wide: April 9) - Sorry, but Dakota Fanning is the Antichrist.

Vincere (limited) - Mussolini's lover and son... I can pass.

The Bounty Hunter - I'll watch and hate myself come morning.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - If nothing else, the ads look good.

Repo Men - Proposed Tagline: This film stole my heart.

If you ever want to be glad you live in this day and age just watch the history channel. Earlier I saw a Modern Marvels on medical equipment. They showed the first chainsaw, that was fashioned by a German... horror movies aren't as scary as the idea of coming underneath that sucker. 

Speaking of medical horror (see aren't I clever?) Repo Men is out today. It's a pretty disturbing concept, but not one that seems impossible. I always feel with these types of movies that I'd rather see what it's like for a normal person's life in the world. It's always a narrative of someone of consequence. 

Wouldn't it be interesting if the story was about some working Joe who just happens to live in a time when all this goes on? Perhaps make it a romance with little of the organs business. Maybe you could show one of the chase scenes briefly crossing his path. I'd consider writing something like it myself, but I've already done a dozen stories from the perspective of the side characters. 

Still, I think it'd be a cool movie.

King of CaliforniaI love when I miss a film and then catch it a few years later. The other day I watched King of California. It's a Michael Douglas film I'd heard of when it came out but completely forgot about. If you've never seen it, it's  about teen girl who's been raising herself since her mother ran off and her father (Douglas) was in a mental institution. After he's gets out he drags his daughter around on a treasure hunt. He's convinced that he knows the area where it's hidden. It's a weird, often trippy, little film, that's very funny and emotional. You really find yourself rooting for the father, hoping the treasure is real.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?I also made the mistake of watching Did You Hear About the Morgans? I hate Sarah Jessica Parker with a sweet passion, but I love Hugh Grant, so I sat through it. The movie was just bad. It had a few chuckles to it, but I felt like it was written by someone who had read about humans but never actually met one. Though Hugh Grant did demonstrate just how great of an actor he is by kissing SJP and looking like he actually enjoyed it. Did I mention I  don't like her?

St. Trinian'sThe flip side was that I also rented St Trinian's, which co-starred Colin Firth, who's done a few movies with Hugh Grant. Much as I like Hugh, I've always liked Colin that much more. This however was not his film. He played the standard part of the prink trying to close down the rebel school. St Trinian's is based off of cartoons from forever ago. It's a very crude, funny, and bizarre film. It's got a very dark sense of humor that probably won't appeal to everyone. I still haven't decided yet if I liked it or not. Need a bit more time in between to decide. I think I did though.

So I wrote that review of Sunkist oranges the other day and now I have Sunkist Growers following me on twitter. See? I told you they were the best orange.

Well, that's about it for me. Just a reminder though that Reputation@Stake will be doing a post tomorrow continuing the ongoing battle. Have a great weekend peoples.


  1. I think Repo men looks like a good movie but still on the fence about it.

    King of California sounds like a good movie I never heard of.

  2. I saw "king of California." It's a good movie and Michael Douglas is great in it!

  3. I can't even consider the movie with SJP.

  4. That's pretty cool. You should write about the ipad next. Maybe they'll toss one your way. Can't believed you watched the Morgans. You truly are a fan of all types of cinema and for that I applaud u.

  5. Don't applaud too hard, all the video stores in my area are gone. It's either drive 20 minutes for a video or three minutes to the Redbox, which is slim pickin's. Laziness usually wins out.

  6. King of California was awesome! Can't you get Netflix to send you DVD's in the mail?

  7. AsBlack, I live in apartment where the mail is delivered to the front office to be dispersed. As I've had several magazines go "missing" I haven't been willing to try it.

    Geof, Awesomeness. Glad to see someone else who isn't enamored of Kristen Stewart.

  8. I enjoy that Repo Men is such a nod to the current economic climate but I still can't make my self give it the benefit of doubt.

  9. You should watch (if you haven't already) 'Girls just want to have fun.'

    It stars your favorite Sarah Jessica Parker.

    It is awesomely bad.


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