Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Battle of the Shapes: Semi Finals 1 of 2

In a battle resembling that of mentor against apprentice, the four-sided mentor Square took on its cut-cornered apprentice Octagon, in an epic battle that went down to the wire, the final countdown, or whatever. And the winner of this mighty fight was … (dramatic pause brought to you by FOX) … Square! Once again a classic shape defeated its more numerous-sided cousin. And so the pattern becomes clear. The simpler sided shapes, with only 1, 2, 3, or 4 sides, are preferred over the more complex 5, 6, 7, or 8 sided shapes. And so, there are now only four shapes remaining. But not for long. The new battle is upon us:


Proudest moment:
Being the only shape chosen as a symbol for both a letter and a number.
Biggest regret:
Not foreseeing the appeal of tossing horseshoes at a stick, before it could promote circular rings as the better alternative. And thus a game that could have been known as “Rings”, lost out to stupid equestrian footwear.

Proudest moment:
Beating the stuffing out of Septagon in the Non-Review’s “Battle of the Shapes.”
Biggest regret:
Never, in all the time they spent together, expressing to Pythagoras its true feelings for him.

Now you must choose between these two most excellent figures, to decide who should make it to the final round, where only one can be crowned, “The Greatest Shape.” Submit your vote below, or via email, to decide who wins this round. On Saturday the voting for this round will end, the winner will be announced, and Lens and Square will battle it out, in an attempt to reach the finals.


  1. Circles win.

    Triangles are too pointy.
    Have you ever seen a triangular bubble?

  2. Triangles show you the way. Circles send you in a loop.

    The choice is obvious.

  3. Circle. HELLO! That bike I had with the triangle wheels made me homicidal.

    A triangle is like that girl in high school who dated you ONLY because she had low self esteem and lower expectations - then bitched about it all the time.

  4. I have to go with circle. It's the shape that just seems warm and giving. Triangle just seems self absorbed.

  5. hmmmmmm

    can we combing the shapes and make a Triarcle?

    what, no Egyptian circles?

    I vote triangle

  6. Doughnuts are my favorite fruit. Gotta be circle.

  7. I’m voting for circle. The triangle is too menacing for me and the points are sharp and look like weapons. I love this fun battle! You’re too funny.

  8. Ummm, CIRCLE, hands down!

    Hello, circles are the best thing ever! Cookies, pies, wedding rings, wine glass rims, wheels... Triangle can kiss circle's arse. :)

  9. Triangles i do have a place for 'cause of the star of david. But honestly, I gotta go with my man the circle.

  10. Totally circles win over triangles.

    Wheels, rollerskates, rollerblades, balls, oh the list goes on and on...

  11. I watched Triangle last night, so I feel compelled to side with it. Also triangles are the strongest shape for bracing things so yeah.

    Once you go triangle you never go biangle.

  12. Since a circle most resembles my own shape right now (sigh!), I choose CIRCLE!! (Hey, if you can't beat 'em...)

  13. This was a tough one. These two shapes were my picks in earlier rounds. I had to do a lot of actual thinking this time.

    In the end it came down to primative man.

    The circle was the forerunner of the wheel, this allowed primative man to move from place to place and his needs (food, shelter) dictated. Also a cool way to sit around the fire at night...everybody got to be equally close, promoting group harmony.

    Triangle for him was a shape used on the end of spears and arrow-head shaped stones...mainly for hunting.

    I have to go with circle, he is the clear winner. Besides, primative man could always club his food to death!


  14. I've been drawn to the more complex, challenged underdog type. I guess it's about time I realized that strategy keeps landung me with losers. Thus, I'm voting for the boring simpleton: the circle. No more stale donuts for this girl!

  15. I so love your writing style. You make me smile.
    Now my leanings were to circles (the unbroken ring thing -- oh, and donuts!) but I think you cheated with the Star of David and Christmas trees. Now I am torn. I am going to go with circle but with reservation.

  16. I gotta opt for the circle. I dated a triangle for a while. I spent half my time at the emergency room, getting stiches...

  17. Honestly, where would the Horror genre be without the obtuse angle?


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