Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battle of the Mascots: The Second Vote

Well, the previous round of fighting was more intense than expected. Jack and Leprechaun really went at it, all the way to the end. [UPDATE: Mistakes were made in the counting, and email votes were mistakenly left out. Poor ol' Leppy was indeed beaten, after looking at the slow-motion replay. And lest Leprechaun fans think that Jack has cheated in some way, you may notice that Copyboy tried to vote for Lep twice. Yeah, we saw that.] But there is much more holiday violence, combat, and imaginary carnage still left to go, though, because the next two holiday mascots have just strolled onto the battlefield:

Valentine’s Day’s

This archery-adept baby can be a girl or boy, or possibly any mixture of the two, but has rarely ever been seen in the wild. The San Diego Zoo had one for a very short while (in an attempt to breed them in captivity) but the little cupid simply shot the two guards, made them fall in love with each other, and made its escape while they were gazing into one another’s eyes. Sickening, but effective.

It has no preference between the names hare, rabbit, or bunny, because it can dominate with any title. It has brothers and sisters who can whoop a tortoise, outrun Alice in Wonderland, and trick Daffy Duck. So it never insisted on being called “Bunny”, but “Easter Hare” does sound a little dumb. Also, scientists still have not determined how EB (its street name) lays eggs, or what gender the little furry thing is, no matter how much money the government has given them to do so.

And now let the battle begin. Who is the Greatest Holiday Mascot? Cast your vote, by leaving a comment, and find out the winner on Saturday, when two new mascots will face off.


  1. Cupid's a fat baby that shoots people. Clearly the most violent of mascots so far. I don't care for abuse, so I'm for the bunny.

    Plus he gives me jelly beans and chocolate. What's better than that?

  2. You could pit cupid against the devil incarnate, and my vote would be for the devil. Oh, do I sound embittered? Oops.

  3. I am going with Cupid because of him/her I sure to get some action.

    I don't trust the Easter Bunny. Idk where he/she is getting those eggs and I don't trust him/her.

  4. Cupid, for sure. Bow and arrow plus a decent sense of aim? The bunny doesn't have a shot. All he could really do is gnaw Cupid to death...and I'm pretty sure Cupid wouldn't stand for any gnawing.

    Even though it disturbs me that the Easter Bunny sneaks into childrens' houses and hides things...

  5. Cupid's a chubby creep-face who makes people fall in love at his whim. Plus, he's a has-been whose face is plastered all over kitschy junk at yard-sales.

    Paws down, it's the Easter bunny! He's cute, he gives people chocolate, and he won't shoot an arrow at your ass.

    Go, bunny, go!

  6. EB all da way. Bunnies are quick and agile. They'd kick the living love outta that fat baby with chicken wings.

  7. Cupid shoots you with an arrow and you fall in love. The EB hops around, and onto anything furry. You see, love doesn't matter to the EB at all. Have you ever heard of a rabbit getting married or being in a committed relationship even? No, you haven't! He is essentially, the "anti-cupid." Plus he and his "kind" are constantly eating my lawn and plants. I hope cupid puts an arrow through his head...

    I'm not that much of a romantic, but in this case I opt for CUPID!

  8. This one's a tuff one but I am going with cupid. That little sucker has an endless supply of arrows.

  9. Can this one end in a double countout? Neither are worthy enough to advance.

  10. When you see the Easter Bunny, nothing comes to mind other than Easter. When you see Cupid, it could just be a weird old painting, or something having to do with love. It doesn't immediately bring Valentine's Day to mind. So I think EB is a better mascot for its holiday. My vote = EB. Sorry pudgy archery baby.

  11. The Easter Bunny brings me way more chocolate than Cupid does....

    Vote for Easter Bunny!


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