Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Essential Oil Review: Cinnamon

There are four oils that together make up a blend that has been labeled by some bright marketer as 'Thieves Oil'. The reason for this name comes from legends of certain perfume house workers in the days of plague. They were purported to have gone around robbing the bodies of dead and dying plague victims, while they personally didn't get sick. The reason of course is the oils, which they used to protect themselves.

A multitude of studies have been done on various essential oils over the years and found that through certain combinations you can in fact kill plague and just about every other kind of fungal and bacterial nastiness around. Here in the US it still isn't accepted medical practice by the powers that be, however in other countries for sometime now it's common practice to prescribe herbs and oils as a means of fighting things like MRSA and other antibiotic resistant killers.

This week I present you with one of the four components of Thieves Oil.


Scent: You know what cinnamon smells like? Yeah like that. Very warm and spicy. 
Medicinal Properties: Cinnamon has long been hailed for its various healing powers. Eating cinnamon regularly promotes heart health and can help prevent diabetes. The essential oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal capabilities. Cinnamon oil is great for colds and respiratory ailments. A few drops in a base oil, rubbed into the bottoms of the feet can help cut the duration and severity of a cold. Take car though not to mix it up with Cassia (false cinnamon) oil as the two have very different properties.
Flavor: Burn-y. I don't recommend anyone ingests any essential oil without proper instruction. Cinnamon oil is an irritant which means it will hurt like no one's business. How do I know? None of your business.
Warnings: As always, take care when using Essential Oils as they can be dangerous. Pregnant women and small children should abstain from use.

Comments: I'll put them up, but really I've found a lot of the warnings to be overblown. Yeah, misuse can seriously hurt a person, but as long as you take care to know what you're doing, you'll be fine. Cinnamon as I said is an irritant. This makes it good for a massage blend, as it will in small doses, bring blood to the surface, helping to warm the area and soothe aches. For all kinds of medicinal reasons I always keep Cinnamon on hand. Plus, if you mix it with a little clove oil and put it in an almond oil base, it smells like gingerbread cookies. 

Overall, a  solid medicinal and aromatherapy oil: 9 out of 10


  1. A little cinnamon oil and clove in an almond oil base rubbed on sore gums is the best. Also fights tooth infections.

    Good stuff dude!

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah clove is great for that. It has that wonderful numbing effect.

  3. Weird that Chuck called you dude, because when reading this post, I had the strong urge to open my comment with ... DUDE!!!

    So you keep this up and you're going to find yourself guest posting for that girlie spa part of my blog...Sorry, but that is my policy. Ask almost anybody, I'm very strict when it comes to blog policy.

  4. Kind of refreshing to see a man that is not afraid to post things like this. Seriously, I think it is cool.
    Welcome to the club of Men who are confident in their masculinity.

  5. I find this stuff very interesting. If I had that knowledge hundreds of years ago I would be mistaken for a wizard. Those plague masks that made the doctors look like birds always fascinated me. Cool to know that there was some science behind them.
    Did it really keep them from getting sick?

  6. This is weird... blogger says I have more comments than are showing up. If I'm missing someone it's not intentional I assure you.

    Cal, There are a lot of historical records of different cultures using various oils to stay healthy and cure illnesses. One of the things that fascinates me is that people even got it in their systems without realizing it, as many cultures used to burn flowers in a room after a sick person had been in there. They did it as a cleansing ritual. The reality is that it would have released the oils from the plants and indeed purified the room. It's also where the tradition of bringing sick people flowers comes from.

  7. I'm feeling rather conflicted now, and it has nothing to do with Cal's comments this time. I like cinnamon, but I hate irritants. I'm just not sure what to think.
    Thanks for the interesting info, TS.

  8. I love cinnamon as a flavor and as a perfume for the house--a little bit in the oven for a few minutes makes the whole place smell like Christmas. But I'm with Robyn on this one. No irritants.

  9. Oh! Love that last suggestion! I can smell it now!!

    Thanks TS!

  10. Love cinnamon! Hate saying it and spelling it.

    Me: Cim-O-nun

    DAMN IT!

  11. I enjoy some cinnamon but not sure I would want to experience it out the good old back end. Thats for sure!

  12. Yea! More, more, more! I love learning this stuff!

  13. I sooo wish i learned about this miracle cure all sooner. Would've made life that much easier!

  14. "Cinnamon oil is an irritant which means it will hurt like no one's business. How do I know? None of your business."


  15. Robin, Aut, an irritant can be bad, but it's also a good thing. Many things work because they irritate the area. With oil on skin, too much will burn. In a base oil however it will produce an effect like using Icy Hot.

  16. I don't know about cinnamon, but I've always found that a daily 8 ounce glass of 30 weight motor oil keeps me regular...

  17. And here all I thought cinnamon protected against was boring toast??

  18. Have you seen the spoonful of cinnamon challenge?

    There's one clip where a guy switches his girlfriend's spoonful of cinnamon with a spoonful of cayenne pepper!

  19. Since I am sitting here hacking up a lung, cinnamon sounds like a lovely (and smell-nicey) solution! :)

    Pardon my ignorance, but what would make a good base oil? Would something like olive oil work? Or do I need something special? :/

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