Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best Places You Probably Haven't Eaten: Flourgirls

The Best Places You Probably Haven't Eaten

A Diary Review
TS Hendrik

Dear Diary,

A bunch of us decided it might be fun to sample some food from a local cafe and pastry shop called Flourgirls. The idea was to get a bunch of different things so that we'd get a little taste of each. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because the food was excellent, bad because I'm pretty sure I could see myself dying a gluttonous death inside it's walls, and that's just morbid.

For starters I wanted to show you what was one of the best brownies I've ever tried. Unfortunately all that was left for the photo op was the crumb you see to the left. The brownie was moist and didn't have that chalky aftertaste I've experienced from so many, so called "homemade brownies" given to me over the years. It was appropriately chocolaty, without being overbearing and it was airy while managing to to be the right amount of chewy. It was quite simply, masterful.

Next up to the sampling plate we divided a couple pieces of banana bread. Let me tell you diary, over the years I've come to feel that I make a pretty good banana bread myself. Apparently I'm a hack. The light quality of the bread, danced easily across the palate with such simple joy. Often I find a banana bread to have too much or too little of its namesake fruit, but it was well balanced, in perfect harmony with the rest of the ingredients. If I could wake up to this bread at breakfast for the rest of my life, I'd be a happy man.

Oh chocolate chip cookie, no one expects much from you. You have been relegated to being a base dessert that others simply choose to build upon. The wonder of what you can bring to the table has been forgotten in many parts of the country. But not here. When sampling I was surprised to find it was subtle to start. At the back end however a strong flavor swam to the surface. Diary, could this be what happiness tastes like? Me thinketh yes.

The crowning glory of this decadence was the mounds cupcake. Intended to taste like a mounds bar, I must admit this is the one failure from the fine culinary wizards at Flourgirls. It did not taste like a mounds bar at all. No silly candy bar could ever dare to be mentioned in the same breath as this masterpiece. A cake base so moist and soft that it practically melts before it enters your mouth. The rich chocolate and coconut is topped elegantly by a dark chocolate icing. Maybe my taste buds are playing tricks on me, but is there the subtle hint of coffee in that icing? A magnificent accomplishment that adds just a slight bitterness to perfectly balance out the sweet.

I should also mention that Flourgirls uses only natural ingredients in their cooking. So while you may not be eating the lowest of calories in one of their desserts, you can rest assured that it's not some processed chemical based waste.

But wait there's more! They don't just serve up pastries, they have a wonderful menu filled with very healthy and delicious dishes. Yes diary, I believe it's love.

[Note: This was written a couple months ago I just forgot to post it.]

For more information including a sample menu and pictures of some fancy cakes they've made check out their site Flourgirlsonmainstreet


  1. You are truly a Renaissance man!

    "The light quality of the bread, danced easily across the palate with such simple joy."

    too darn funny...

  2. Is this a chain? I'd definitely hit it if it was in my town.

    Glad that was a brownie. I wasn't sure at first.

  3. now THIS is my kind of place!!!!

    i wish i were there!!!!

    i was thinking, "what's your mailing address?! i'll mail you MY brownies (and banana bread and chocolate chip cookies)".... but then as I read on, i slowly started losing the confidence that you'd like them. ha! but i do LOVE my brownies... =) they just aren't made all healthy style and with all natural ingredients.... i'm not THAT good yet....

  4. Oh, I hope you let them know that you wrote this. What a compliment to them.

    I want to eat with you. When we go anywhere to eat I always want to order one of everything that looks good, and try it all, but my family is pretty serious about there cheeseburgers. Party poopers.

  5. My hips just expanded a full inch and a half reading this.

  6. Brownies? Banana bread? Cookies? MOUNDS cupcake??? TS, are you trying to make me fall in love with you?

  7. TS I think I am boycotting your blog for a bit. Darn you!!! I'm trying to stick to a strict diet here and now you have me thinking about mounds, cake, cookies, banana bread, brownies. ARRG! Off to make a Medifast Brownie - taste like chocolate flavored poo.

  8. all those yummy yummy treats that my waist band won't let me have...yes that might be drool comming out of my mouth

  9. Wow those sweets sound absolutely decadent! I'll have to think about them as I slowly chew my celery. :o(

  10. How many of the comments on this post came from girls?

  11. 8. 9 if I count you twice for doubling up. Why...?

  12. I am salivating and haven't blinked in hours. Yet, I haven't even scrolled down from the crumb of brownie left on your plate.

  13. to go find a glucose meter, stat! I'm a little woozy.

  14. I would have been dead by the time I reached the cupcake, but now Im pissed because of that delicious looking banana bread.. The wife is allergic to bananas, so she never makes any..

  15. I want a Mounds cupcake! It looks so yummy!

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