Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quickie Reviews Vol. 1

Not everything deserves its own long winded review, so every so often I feel the need to give voice to those miscellaneous reviews.

1) This maze:
What baby fresh from the womb wouldn't find this maze too easy?

1 out of 10

2) 11 PM TV: 
The barren wasteland hour of television watching. 2 out of 10 (occasionally a special runs)

3) Hammers

The only tool that intentionally goes out of its way to hurt you. 

7 out 10 (still does its job)

4) Baconnaise
You made my heart want to explode just looking at you.

1 out of 10

Unless you're actually delicious, in which case, I'd throw you a couple points. But still!

5) ?!
Click to enlarge for a better, creepier look.

All I know is that that thing clearly isn't happy about having no arms and it releases this anger every night when it comes to life and eats people's ears. 

11 out of 10 Hells


  1. What the heck is with that creepy thing? Ha ha! Baconaise isn't that good, for real? Too bad. I thought everything was better with bacon.

  2. Damnnnnn I'm glad I saw that thing WELL before bedtime--and I don't creep out easily!


  3. john, you should see it in person. *shudder* lol

  4. Ahhh hammers...who doesn't like a good hammer, so many uses. Plus they were one of the stars in The Wall by Pink Floyd...boy could they march in lock-step. Good times...

  5. What is that thing? I can assure you if I turned the corner and say it, I would not be laughing

  6. Your ennuie is as sweat to me as a fudgesicle, which I have a whole box of.

  7. cal, alas, I have no fudgesicle. I do have watermelon which is quite delicious.

  8. The maze one made me crack up out loud. Wife thinks I'm weird now. Thanks a lot.

  9. I had trouble with that maze. Probably because I was being beaten over the head with a hammer while trying to solve it.

  10. Im surprised a review for the Deep Fried Butter at the fair this year didnt make it on the list, I give it a solid 11/10 barfs


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