Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Precious Moments: Charlie

The following is a conversation I overheard while walking through a store. Sometimes reality is just more funny.

5 year old girl: You called me Charlie!
Woman: Yes I did.
5 year old girl: But that's your cat's name!
Woman: Yes it is.
5 year old girl: I'm a cat?
Woman: No, you were just acting like him. Now, do you want to get Starburst or Skittles?
5 Year old girl: I don't want either.
Woman: But you like both of them. Don't you want a candy?
5 Year old girl: I don't want candy, I want a toy!
Woman: Now Charlie...


  1. TS - I awarded you a deserving gift! http://www.theman-cave.com/2010/07/etmc-wins-truly-meaningful-and.html


  2. The cat and i would both take skittles...

  3. She's not the sharpest 5 year old girl out there. Even my 3 year old nephew would've gone for the candy. His cat would've too.

  4. Well if the kid didn't want Skittles then maybe she should have taken some home for Charlie.

  5. Ha! In this case, the grown up sounds funnier than the kid!

    MMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...skittles! My favorite candy!

  6. You don't take the kid(s) to the store. You just don't. Therein lie the seeds of madness...

  7. Skittles will do that to some people..


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