Friday, August 27, 2010

The 7 Word Weekend Movie Review: The Last Exorcism, Louis, And I'd Make-Out With Violence

New Movies Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Louis (limited) - It's either awesome or a bad idea.

Centurion (limited) - This begs to be seen... on USA.

The Last Exorcism - One can only hope it's the last.

Make-Out with Violence (limited) - I did that once. Wasn't a fan.

Takers - The summer season must be officially dying.

Yes indeed, the death knell for the summer season has rung. We're now entering that awkward transition period where good movies will be few and far between for awhile. Not that this summer was anything to write home about. Still, Takers is a part of the transition period. Commercials are telling me that it's this generation's Heat. Thrilling. As if I want another Heat. Still video seems like a good time to check this one out.

The Last Exorcism could be good. I'm not really a fan of the exorcism genre in general. Maybe I was just a jaded kid, but I first saw The Exorcist when I was 14 and I just thought it was boring. Sacrilege I'm sure to most horror fans. At any rate I haven't really been into them since. I'm also not a fan of Eli Roth. Granted he's only a producer on this, but still.

On the other hand, Make-Out With Violence  is a horror movie that's trippy and right up my alley. Basically it's the story of two boys who find their missing friend who has become a zombie. Instead of notifying the authorities or killing her though, they hide her. The one brother who had a thing for her takes care of her. I've heard a lot of positive things about it. It's a weird, low budget indie film, that should be a decent watch.

Centurion to me looks like it could be interesting or else incredibly boring. I used to be heavy into these kind of films. Back then I wouldn't have hesitated. But as the song says, 'seasons change and so did I.' If I do try it it'll be when it hits basic cable. Judging from the previews I don't think that will be too long a wait.

Louis is an interesting film. It's the story of Louis Armstrong as a young boy and how he gets his first cornet. It stars Jackie Earl Haley and oh yeah, it's a silent film. I imagine it'll be scored with fantastic music. It's certainly one that I'll be seeing. It's in a limited release anyway so I'm good waiting for video but it really sounds like it's worth a watch.

Date NightSo... yeah... I watched Date Night, the Steve Carell, Tina Fey comedy. It was there, I was there... this is usually how these types of things happen. I was pleasantly surprised to find it a decent watch. It's not the greatest romcom but it is well above average. Mark Wahlberg is hilarious in his brief role as are James Franco and Mila Kunis. If you haven't seen it already it's not a bad way to spend an evening. 7 out of 10

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I keep hearing mixed reviews of Date Night, but because I've heard enough good ones I'll probably watch it at some point in my lifetime.

  2. I also thought The Exorcist was bloody boring. I'm going to see The Last Exorcist though just because I'm such a fan of cheesy b-movies that go bump in the night.

    *le sigh*

    I'll tell you how it goes if I do watch it. I'll be watching it alone as my boyfriend is too much of a wimp to go with me.

  3. Saw Centurion on HDNet Wednesday night and it's just the right length for the storyline. Nothing terribly original or groundbreaking, but some good gory fights and amazing scenery.

  4. Date night? Good? Really? Ok I'm trying. Not sure about the last Exorcism.

  5. I'll just be happy when they stop airing those Last Exorcism (of Emily Rose) previews on TV. Yuck!

    I watched Date Night recently too. Meh. It was okay, but I thought I'd love it because of the cast. I thought some of the jokes were funny but frankly, I got bored halfway through.

  6. So my own review of Centurion didn't send you screaming into the night to find a copy? That hurts, buddy.

  7. I totally intend to buy Date Night as soon as I see it in the previewed movies section at Blockbuster. (Did you read that they might be going into planned bankruptcy as early as next month??)

  8. Camel, it's far from a perfect movie, but as far as romcoms (which automatically starts you on a lower scale) it's pretty decent.

    Vegetarian, be sure to let me know if was good if you do see it.

    Bev, The difference is you went into with expectations, I went in expecting to hate it.

  9. DONT WATCH THE LAST EXERCISM. Holy crap it was bad. They will exercise you of your money and time. Please don't do it!

  10. 7/10 for date night? I watched it on the plane ride home and would give it a 5 tops I was expecting much more

  11. i totally want to see the last exorcism and i know i will like it because when it comes to scary movies, i'm easy.

  12. Im a huge exorcism fan but I just dont know what to make of this one, I cant even tell if it is supposed to be shot like Blair Witch or not based on the commercials? Probably going to be an hour of boredom with the few cool parts from the commercials worked in.

  13. oddly enough Date Night is next on my netflix queue.

    I had sex with violence once, it left a bad rug burn.


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