Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Battle of the Colors: Round 1

This competition will be refreshingly different than previous battles, but variety is the lighter-fluid of life, or something like that, so this will be, you know, like, refreshingly different. You are dying to know the differences, so I’ll tell you. TS Hendrik and I (Reputation@Stake) will both be running this contest, so instead of one set of dumb shoot-me-with-a-poisoned-dart lame puns, you’ll get a second set free of charge.

Also, due to our inability to find a lawyer who’s worth a bag of dust, we haven’t been able to force Mother Nature to delete two colors from the rainbow. Consequently, we have ten items to deal with rather than the usual eight, which really messes things up because 10 divides itself down to 1 winner about as well as TS’s idea to add a banana peel to the time machine I’m building, so that it will slip through time easier. (So far fiddling with the controls for a minute has only pushed us 60 seconds into the future—peel or no peel.)

But we’ll deal with those kinks later. For now we’re just going to focus on determining: “What is the Greatest Color?” To that end, let us begin with the first round:


Blue likes to brag about being Primary
and enjoys licking bottle caps when no one is looking.

Orange often brags about not rhyming with any other word
and prefers to eat hotdogs from the center outward.

We now need your votes. What is the greatest color? You tell us. Vote by leaving a comment. The next round (which will be run by Mr. Hendrik) begins on Saturday. So get your votes in before then, or we’ll lock you in the time machine.


  1. Blue is a cool tone, it goes with anything, and it's the colour of a happy and healthy sky.

    Orange is fruit and vegetables and not much else. I don't eat fruit or vegetables, so the choice is clear.

    I vote Blue.

  2. Blue is the color of my state and my university, Rhode Island. It also looks boffo in a uniform, whereas orange is more appropriate for a cheap stripper. BLUE it is!

  3. Yay!! Blue is my favorite color!
    Can't beat a deep blue sky or a blue ocean.
    But orange is blue's complimentary color, they look so good together, it is my favorite color combination!

  4. Well, Blue is of course the better candidate. I am afeared however, that a few chads, pregnant with the hope of fall, might get hung up in that 'Votomatic' you two yahoos insist on keeping around to tally the votes. So please keep in mind that summer's heat might lead a few people who would otherwise be considered red... er I mean... BLUE blooded Americans (Canadians?) who under normal circumstances (and temperatures) would not actually believe that orange is the better color, but were lured in by her fancy Autumn campaign slogans.

    ( Don't even deny the use of a Votomatic, or try to convince us that you've moved up to more modern methods... your time machine runs on banana peels, it isn't anymore advanced than Marty's DeLorean was in 1985. Pfft!)

  5. You're very odd. I like odd.

    I also like Cerulean. Mainly because it has a cool name. But, if I have to choose one of these, I'll go with blue. Since it's the closest to Cerulean...

  6. Cotton, "Blue blooded Americans (Canadians?)" Yep, those are my people.

    Stolen, If you like odd you're definitely in the right place.

    I am a fall person and being that I haven't had a real autumn since moving to TN, I vote for orange. Plus I like eating my hotdogs from the center out.

  7. Blue for too many reasons to list...

  8. PROS

    Blue: Toronto, home to my beloved Maple Leafs (uniform is BLUE and white) and the BLUE Jays. I love my sports.

    Orange: is the color of the General Lee, Halloween and the Netherlands team jersey.

    Blue - the color of suffocation and death. Labatt Blue.

    Orange - 80% of things barfed up are orange. The Philadelphia Flyers. Ginger kids.

    It's a close one, but for me, I think blue wins.

  9. ORANGE, dangit!!!! I refuse to be lumped in with the masses!!

    ORANGE it is!!!

  10. You KNOW how worked up I get about these things!!!





  11. It's hard to rhyme "orange." That must mean something important, so I vote Orange.

  12. The arrogance of Orange not to rhyme with any other word. I'm going with Blue.

  13. This is a tough choice. However I admire anyone who is willing to enjoy a dog a different way. I vote orange.

    Don't forget to vote on my battle.

  14. CB - you're pregnant?

    Blue. I don't wear orange. And because my birthday is in October I always had a Halloween party, which I hated. Now I just like black. So I vote blue.

  15. Well, blue is my favorite color too, but I vote orange. Like Marlene, I can't go with the masses. Plus, didn't anyone out there ever see that "HR Puff N Stuff" episode in which they sing the Orangish Gorangish Song, including all the words that rhyme with Orangish? There are many words that rhyme with orangish (gorangish, porangish, etc.)

  16. Oh CC, hush your mouth! I really hope not! If so, we will at least be able to test the other CC's 80 percent orange vomit theory... And yeah, that would pretty much be the upside to being 'with child' at this point in my life.

  17. PS) Sorry for the confusion. You know me and Election 2000 humor... who can resist a good pregnant chad joke?


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