Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non-Interview: Bruce Campbell

TNR: I first knew of you not from evil dead but from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. How would you feel if you had only ever been famous for that role?
Non-Bruce: I was in that??!

TNR: Yes, yes you were. You've had to do a lot of stunt heavy roles. Any special steps taken to prepare you for that kind of work?
Non-Bruce: True story - TS Hendrik and I were dance partners at a beginner's 'hip hop dance your way to success class' at the YMCA.

TNR: [Flashing gangster symbols] Partners for life, yo. Now, with all the rumors abounding, I've got to ask, are you Sam Raimi's indentured servant?
You're asking a crazy question, my friend!
Everybody knows he and I are good friends.
Silly rumors like that are crazy.
!!Do you happen to read vertically?

TNR: No, sorry, I was warned against such things at a young age. In The Majestic you had a bit part as the hero in the b-movie within the movie. If you'd been an actor in the 40's and 50's do you think you would have done b-movies?
Non-Bruce: The movies weren't as big back then, you know? I mean literally. And because of that, it would've come down to casting either me, or my chin. Let's be honest now, my chin would win.

TNR: What are your greatest fears?
Non-Bruce: In this order: mosquitoes, Shaquile O'Neale and that foot stuff John Madden advertised. You know, BOOM! Tough actin' ... something or other.

TNR: Burn Notice was a hit from the start. What is it about the character of Sam Axe that appeals to you?
Non-Bruce: Honestly I thought this would be the next 'Sex and the City.' I saw a character named Sam and thought, 'yes, I could see myself playing a transvestite version of Samantha.' When it turned out this was spy-MacGuyver meets random hot shots of Miami - well, I was disappointed. Nevertheless, I get to keep the wardrobe. And a man's man like me can't resist a Hawaiin shirt.

TNR: What did you think when you heard the news that Billy the Kid might get a posthumous pardon?
Non-Bruce: Honestly, I was elated. And then I was confused. Then elated again, quickly followed by hungry AND confused. Then confused by my hunger - I'd just eaten. Then hungry about my confusion (my therapist had to explain that emotion to me).

TNR: What is your biggest vice?
Non-Bruce: Illiteracy? I kid, of course. Ok we can stop dictation now. NO! Don't type that! STOP typing you...

TNR: Stop...typing... you... Okay, got it down. If the world was ending in 20 minutes and there was an endless pile of hot wings in front of you, how many do you think you could eat?
Non-Bruce: How I have waited for this question to be asked. Ohhhhh how I have waited!!!
But I have some counter questions - first off are we talking giant meteorite, zombies, god-like wrath, nukes, or what?  Secondly, do I have a glass of water or beer? How much? Third, am I wearing elastic-band pants? If not, can someone remove my pants for me? Fourth, will I be judged if I use my shirt as a napkin? Because I would like to be. Don't ask. It's personal.

TNR: Fair enough. Good to know where the line is. Last question, what do you think of Brad from Get Brad Stanley Published?
Non-Bruce: I'm a fan of Get, Stanley and Published. But Brad hasn't won me a single case. That law firm stinks, come to think of it.

Thanks to Brad for playing the part of Non-Bruce Campbell. I know most of you probably don't follow his blog yet so I urge you to head over to his site. His blog is one of the first I started following. It's incredibly creative and often hilarious. He's one of those bloggers that'll leave you saying to yourself, 'where does he come up with this stuff?' Click to visit Get Brad Stanley Published

And if you'd like to participate in a non-interview drop me a line and we'll set it up.
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  1. Bruce Campbell is a personal hero, but after this interview, I think you might be.


  2. That was great!
    And Bruce Campbell rocks.

  3. I don't laugh out loud as often as people may think (I've been off the "stuff" for a while now) so the fact that Brad made me LLOL (the first L is for Literally) four times, is quite an achievement. That was hilarious. And what a snappy interviewer! This was all around fantastic.

  4. Huge Brisco County Jr. fan. I saw all 3 episodes during its first run! Never liked Jack of Hearts.

  5. This was absolutely hilarious. I love the "vertical" line, the hip hop bit, elastic pants..etc. Great work, you too. I'll go check out Bruce's (I mean Brad's) blog now.

  6. Heehee...thanks for the giggles!!!

  7. Very inspirational...I think I will have to interview my own dark side...yeah that's the ticket.

  8. All right! Thank you kindly TS and all you guys for the compliments.

    Had a blast doing it and Tim's questions for the answers I gave without questions (does that make sense?) cracked me up.

    Thanks again Tim for letting me do this, and the awesome questions that made me look funny!

  9. The Great One gets the Non-Review treatment! Nice work, TS and Brad. Loved the indentured servant remark. haha!

  10. I want to know how many wings he would eat. Will there be a follow up interview?

  11. I love everything he is in. For a non-interview you seemed to have done the man proud. Maybe he should hire you guys to do all his press.

  12. Bruce couldnt have not said it better himself!


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