Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battle of the Colors – Semi-Final 1 of 2

The stem beats the flower! … um, you see, what that’s supposed to mean is that green beat white. I know all flowers aren’t white, but I was thinking of those nice little gardenias that TS Hendrik wears in his hair. They’re white and, oh, nevermind. And of course I’m kidding about TS. He would never wear a bunch of gardenias in his hair. One is enough. Nevertheless, we’re supposed to be talking about colors here, and in the last round, Green did indeed beat White, and so that leaves us with just four remaining colors. So with the semi-finals now upon us, let's get to the next contenders:


Recipe for making Blue:
Fill a pot with water. Bring it to a boil, and add two smurfs. Wait five minutes, then stir in 3 cups of chlorine, a few notes of depressing music, and if no one else is around, toss in a few dolphins. Chill and serve.

Recipe for making Black:
Take two light bulbs, smash them down to a fine powder, and mix in the heart of a pirate. Sprinkle on some pepper, a little censorship, and whatever witches that might be lying around. Bake at 800 degrees for 72 hours.

Well, it’s now all up to you, as to which one of these colors goes on to the finals. Vote by leaving a comment, but do so before Saturday, which is when TS will officiate the second semi-final.
(And if anyone has a daisy I could borrow for my hair, I’d really appreciate it. But just keep it between us.)


  1. i'm going to have to say, black.

    only because it is made from pirate.

  2. Dude, killing smurfs is illegal in NY. Bet you didn't know that. Guess I have to always bet on black!!!

  3. Well, I do like black, but I am glad that blue made the final cut.

  4. Black is the absence of colour. Blue is, at least, an actual colour.

    I choose blue. It's my favourite colour to wear.

  5. Betty, I'm actually more of a babies breath and bachelor buttons type of guy.

    Despite how disturbing the recipe is, I vote black. It's the prettier half of a bruise. The blue part just looks weird.

  6. Black - my favorite color. And I look damn good in black, too...

  7. ...definitely black,and no matter what, white still wins.

  8. It actually takes Blue to make Black so without Blue there would be no Black so for me Blue is the Color.


  9. I choose to beat ya'll black and blue and thus save myself from any kind of decision. Man, my soul is dark this week.

  10. Decisions, decisions....black and blue.....that's what my leg is after I bumped it on a freakin' power saw. Don't even ask.

    Ok - go with BLACK - to match my mood right now.

  11. Well in that case, I go with blue to match my mood right now. Plus, it needs more votes. Plus, it's the color of the Cookie Monster.

  12. Black is slimming... it's one of my favorite "colors" ... I'd have to vote BLACK!


  13. I take my colours like TS takes his men - black and with poster paper

  14. Well if I remember correctly, I voted for black in the previous rounds. Can't turn traitor now. So though I love the "blues" and the "waves"...Black it is... Besides no other colour makes a dramatic entrance like it does...Pass the pepper please..


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