Saturday, September 18, 2010

Battle of the Colors: Winner

All votes have been cast. All decisions are final. Despite a last second write in campaign for Red, the final choice was still between Black and Purple.

And the winner is...

First, a song:

I've been waiting the entire battle to unleash that gag, you can't deny me a laugh now can you? You can? Oh... Fine. I guess I'll get on with it than shall I?

And the winner is...

Say, wouldn't it be awesome if there was an Olympic sport where athletes covered their track suits in butter and then slid on a shuffle board made of Teflon?

But I digress...

The winner is:


The winner is black.

Kind of ironic considering that Black is the absence of color. Not that that fact matters to a child with a fresh box of crayons and a black-bears-eating-blackberries-on-a-cloudless-night-in-a-cave coloring book. 

For those of you who voted for purple and are looking for someone to blame for your color's loss, might I suggest those who voted for Red? After all, they voted for half of purple and their votes would probably have put it in the win column. Funny.

Thus we come to the close of another battle. I feel like we're doing a good thing here, all of us helping the world to know what the best and worst of things are. The world really owes us all a debt. Might I suggest they repay it in cash? Probably won't. The world is ungrateful.

Thanks for playing everyone!  


  1. I won't go down without a fight!



  2. Darkness prevails! I like it, and the song. It's rather depressing.

  3. I look inside myself and see my heart is black
    I see my red door and must have it painted black
    Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
    It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black

  4. Black and purple? You're in for a bruisin' alright!

  5. blackity black black mood, my hair, the circles under my eyes. Why is none of that cool?


    Purple is, in fact, the new suck. I didn't have the nerve to actually say it to my client, gratefully her mother opted for blue. Or is it bleu?

  6. Reasons I'm pleased with Black's victory:

    > My favorite color is gray, so I can simply say that Dark Gray won.
    > Four words: My last name. Duh.
    > It's one of the few winners of any contest that I can still see with my eyes closed.
    > It's most likely the color of my soul.

  7. Yay for black and all of my pals that voted for it!

    TS, you should know that your prank woked, and I was so unhappy with Purple being the victor that I stopped reading the post after seeing who won. Luckily I came back. YAY BLACK!!!!

  8. So Red almost won?

    It coulda happened you know.

  9. Of course black won - so we wouldn't be surprised when we looked into the deep well of your soul and felt the light and goodness pulled from our bodies. See what you get when you vote for black, the color and not the president. I hear he voted for purple and was happy to do it despite being Muslim, Kenyan and a Socialist Marxist Black Lover. Which is more can I say for you. Raise you black glove to the air and celebrate your terrorist victory when you can - you are one with your brother the underwear bomber.

  10. You and your fellow black commentors/collaborators - enjoy th murkey deep that is your soul.

  11. The world has gone mad! Mad, I tell 'ee!

  12. I thought for sure magenta or turquoise was going to win this one.

    I lost the deed to my house and my 6th born because of this battle.


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