Thursday, September 16, 2010

The best movies you probably haven't seen

Interesting fact about today's entry. I've seen the movie three or four times in the past couple of years but never from the beginning. I always catch it right around ten minutes in. I know, I could always buy it. I'm sure it's sitting in a .99 cent bin somewhere. But why buy the milk when the cow is offering you a Coke?

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I'm Through With White Girls
I'm Through With White Girls 
(The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (2007)

Directed By:
Jennifer Sharp

Written By:
Courtney Lilly

Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise), Ryan Alosio (The Lost Tribe), Lia Johnson (Manual Labor), Kellee Stewart (My Boys), Lamann Rucker (Meet the Browns)

The Gist:
Jay Brooks (Montgomery) a black comic book artist, vows after a string of bad relationships with white women to only date women of his own race. Shortly after he falls for Catherine (Johnson) a published author who's as quirky as Jay is. But as things get serious it's only a matter of time before Jay destroys everything.

Why You Should Watch It:
It's funny, it's sweet and very quirky. The plot sounds like a standard romcom and in a way it is, but this film has some original laughs as well as one giant cringe-worthy scene. The leads are refreshingly different and Leaves me wondering why we haven't seen more of them in other films.

Why You Probably Haven't Seen it:
For starters it's a small indie film that really just played some festivals and that's it. For another, the title is a little stand offish. The only way the title would really work, is if you were to slap Tyler Perry's name on the front end of it. I first caught it on a movie channel and since then on networks like BET. Anytime a movie is quickly relegated to basic cable, it doesn't speak well for the marketing.

Scene To Savor:
Honestly I have to go with the final scene in the movie. There are a lot of great bits but the end is a punchline to a joke that builds throughout the whole movie.

It's not without its flaws by any means. The film is rated R and while I'm not against R rated films, in this instance I think it would have worked better as a PG-13. The various things that push the rating up just seem unnecessary. I've read some hate towards this movie from people who I suspect were outside the demographic this would be aimed at. Generally speaking, so am I but then I tend to like whatever I like.

Overall on a scale of missed gems: 4 out of 5


  1. I've never heard of this movie, but I would defintiely give it a chance if I were channel hopping. Thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds like the a version of Chasing Amy. Where do you find these movies?!!!

  3. This movie explores some racial stereotypes (in a good way) while maintaining a quirky romance/comedy feel. I did not like the heroine of the movie though. Biracial woman from Canada with multi-clored hair who talks in a Valley Girl Accent. Ugh. A little "too" contrived, but meh, OK. I would've liked to see a more "well-rounded" Black woman for him...but whatevs.

    An OK movie overall--I don't think I'd watch it again, but it was a fun while it lasted. Pretty good for an independent film anyways.

  4. I'll be sure and add it to my list

  5. I submit for your consideration the movie Overnight Delivery with hometown girl Reese Witherspoon. I look forward to your review.

  6. I appreciate how you, like me, are such a shut-in that you take the change on quirky little films like this. This is twice you have exposed me to a film that I haven't at least heard of.

  7. Cool ... looking for it on netflix now ...

    Also great tyler perry line.

  8. Not only haven't I seen it, I've never even heard of it. But based on your review, I'm going to...


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