Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: Saw 3D, Saw 3D, and a movie that actually looks good

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Saw 3D - All the suck, but now in 3D!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (limited) - Conclusion of the trilogy blah blah blah.

Wild Target (limited) - Let the battle of the Ruperts commence!

Monsters (limited) - Oh NASA, when will you ever learn?!

I've had many debates about the Saw series. Simple argument really. Someone tells me they think the series is clever and well done, and I contend that it's unintelligible and could have been written by a 3 year old. Course that would have to be a particularly scary 3 year old. The kind that could be the basis of a horror movie itself... I'd watch that. 

I went into the first Saw thinking it looked good. The commercials had sold me on it. It boasted good actors and a creepy idea. Instead I found the film predictable and its villain to be a ridiculous concept. The second in the series I was more or less forced to see. It was so transparent that it practically telegraphed its plot turns well before they could transpire on film. I know I watched another one in the series but I don't even remember which. Needless to say I've not enjoyed them.

Still others have enjoyed them, and I will say this for the series; the marketing has been brilliant. Tying it to this time of month by declaring 'if it's Halloween it must be Saw' was genius. They've managed every year to turn out a movie that costs practically nothing and guarantee themselves a big profit. Which is why I have trouble believing that this will really be the last in the series. It's just too profitable. Maybe they'll take a year off, but then we can expect the inevitable reboot of the series. It's what Hollywood does best.

If it's playing in your area, and I have no idea how many screens it'll be on, Monsters looks like a great film. On the surface it sounds a bit like a District 9 knock off but a friend of mine who caught an early screening says it's not and that it's really enjoyable. Course he liked the Saw movies.

Yeah I brought it back to Saw. But what can I say, it's Halloween so it must be Saw. 

I'm cutting it a bit short this week as I have more posts planned over the next couple days. Have a happy Halloween everyone!


  1. what do you see in SAW beats me...I came, I saw, I threw up my dinner ;P

  2. The trailers I "saw" for Saw 3D were about as cheesy as I've ever seen. Based on that, all their past movies, and your review, I'm going to take a pass on this stinker....
    Monsters maybe!
    thanks Tim

  3. If I go see saw will I really be murdered in the theatre by a 3D jigsaw?

    The first one was okay, but the only reason to watch them are to see the clever ways in which he tortures people. That in itself is not a good reason and is the same reason I don't care much for the hostel franchise.

  4. Didn't see that one, either. I stay away from anything that is sure to make me crap my pants.

  5. I do NOT like the Saw movies, but I thought Monsters was brilliant. Nothing like Distric 9 and I liked it far more. (See my review yesterday.)

  6. 3 yr olds tell the best terrifying tales.

  7. didn't like the Saw mmovies. but coincidently I rented 'the girl who played with fire" for tonight

  8. I did a review of MONSTERS at my site. I liked it very much. To know how little it cost to make and how professional the movie looks just added to the enjoyment. It is not like anything I have seen before. I suspect the comparisons to DISTRICT 9 come from how fresh the story feels. The title of the movie actually works against it. If you think you are going into it expecting INDEPENDANCE DAY then you would be wrong. It's better than that. Very cool character study of two strangers forced to go on a road trip together. There are monsters but they are incidental to the story. This little gem deserves to be seen by a wider audience if only to encourage other young filmakers to do more with less. If you have a good story then you don`t need to distract your audience with noise and fire (looking right at you Michael Bay)

  9. Kal, That was just the comparison a couple people made to me. I plan on seeing Monsters, hopefully this weekend. If not in theater than On Demand. I keep hearing similar things though to what you've said. Sounds great.

  10. The first paragraph actually made me laugh out loud.

    You hear that, internets! I LOL'd!


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