Monday, October 25, 2010

Music To Die To: Gloomy Sunday

Halloween week seemed liked the best time to kick off a new series (yeah, I know I do a lot of those...). I can be a bit morbid at times. Often when I am listening to a song I'll think in terms of stories and scenes for film and how I might utilize the song for a death scene. So I thought, why not present you with music and in my way, an appropriate way to die set to the music. Now without further ado...

Gloomy Sunday (1941)

Performed By: 
Billie Holiday

It seems only appropriate that in a column about about death inspired by music that I start with one of the most famous examples. Amongst music and urban legend fans, Gloomy Sunday is known by another title: The Hungarian Suicide Song. The original music, composed by Rezső Seress, over the years has earned the reputation of driving people to kill themselves. Some stories suggest the possibility that thousands of Hungarians have killed themselves after hearing the song. While it's just myth, Rezső himself did eventually commit suicide. As did Billy Mackenzie of the Associates, who did a cover of the song. Personally I've never felt an urge to off myself while listening to the song. But of course, I'm not Hungarian.

Chosen Way To Die:
Given the nature of the song, it seems only appropriate that it be set to suicide. I'm thinking a bathtub, some candles, a tear stained letter, and the scene is set. Nothing more but to let Billie do her work.

Now let's listen to that song:

Bit of a downer, isn't she?


  1. Wow! You're right! Totally is the right sounds to off yourself in a bathtub. I wonder if Jimmy M. had it playing on his 8-track when he did himself in.

  2. I'm going to open a vein and watch myself bleed out. thanks for the inspiraue04i'ngnnah,a,.ajha

  3. I'm going to wrap myself in guitar string and plug myself into my amp - death by guitar!

  4. Why waste a perfectly good Sunday? Wait for "Manic Monday!"

  5. Now I can be glad today is a sunny Monday...I can see the weak using this as an anthem for suicide.

  6. Pssst....I'm in bed. I'm not going to listen to this or I will have nightmares! Tomorrow, perhaps....DURING DAYLIGHT hours. :)

  7. This morbidity makes me deliriously happy, somehow. I just love it. Thanks for this post. It's the perfect ending to my day, which consisted of an 8 hour road trip from Los Angeles. In fact, she sounds pretty upbeat.

  8. I think I'm going to go draw myself a bath. Somehow I don't think this one will be full of milkshake.

  9. Well, For me the apt song would be "The Doors - Light my fire" blaring on my Ipod as I am taken away....but, she is not bad either.... ;P

  10. nice.
    when i was a goth kid, i made a mix tape (that's right, a TAPE) of songs for my funeral.

    don't judge me.


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