Monday, October 18, 2010

Switched At Birth: NFL

Another football season in full swing, I thought it was time for another edition of football stars who look like other stars.

Michael Vick (Eagles) and Chris Tucker

Kerry Collins (Titans) and Gary Cole

Ladainian Tomlinson (Jets) and Kevin Hart
And for those of you who watch football. Next time LT is talking, close your eyes and listen. Sounds exactly like Richard Pryor. 

Philip Rivers (Chargers) and Larry Hagman

Bill Belichick (Patriots) and Death (specifically from Kid in the Hall: Death Comes to Town)


  1. peyton and the brother from jericho.

  2. I learned more about football in this one post than I've learned in the last month from anywhere else. Pathetic, sure, but what a great way to learn sum o' da playas. Fun and cool post.

  3. This is beyond classic!!! Love the Kerry Collins one!

  4. That has to be the worst picture Belichick has ever taken...looks WORSE than death!

  5. You have a good eye! The resemblances are uncanny!

  6. Incredible eye you have there, TS! Do you need a picture of Julia Roberts to put beside mine?

  7. Great post, TS. I love the last one. It's hysterical (and frightening.)

  8. I think Michael Vick looks more like Gary Cole.


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