Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Tale of Trifton Glomghoul the III and other review poems

What is that?

What in the name of Mary Elizabeth Winstead is causing that smell?
I thought it was the garbage but you took that out this afternoon round 12.
I've searched under couches, tables and chairs,
So what in the heck is causing that smell?


It started in the neck
Sometime in the night
With a fierce kind of throbbing
And a knot pulling tight
It ran up my skull 
And into my brain
With no end in sight 
To unbelievable pain


Hector is the name of a fish
A fish?
Yes a fish.
Does he have gold stripes and bright orange lips?
Does he swim around fast, circling your hips?
No, he just lays there on a plate and gets et.


Time is pressing all around
Moving faster 
Moving us now
But I'm standing here
Playing my Wii
Just trying to kill time
Before time kills me.

The Tale of Trifton Glomghoul the III

Trifton Glomghoul was as depressing as his name
The third of four Glomghouls who were all the same
Cloned one day on the fourth of July
From DNA mixed with that of a fly's
Trifton the III or Trify for short
Had a face like an angel but with a devil's horns
 And when he was born he didn't weep or cry
He just looked to the heaven's as if asking, 'why?'
He had no friends 'cept his brothers three
And the scientists who had cloned them 'successfully'
But Trify was born for greatness they say
No wait, I'm thinking of Dorris Day
Que Sera, poor Trifton I remember now
He died shortly after being sat on by a cow. 


  1. Poor Trify. Never had a chance to reach his full potential.

  2. I had dinner one time with Trifton Glomghoul the first. We both ordered the blackened Hector, but the smell gave him a headache, so we didn't have time to talk about his brothers.

  3. whimsical and funny! But how dare you use Mary Elizabeth Winstead's name in vain? You blasphemer!

  4. The Time one maybe hits too close to home ...

  5. I'll honestly admit this went way over my head. Hey - I'm being honest!

  6. Sheesh, I'm gone for a week and I miss everything.

  7. You're givin' Shell Silverstein a run for his money!!

  8. These are great, TS. Very entertaining. I was especially amused by the Dorris Day line.
    Poor Hector and Trif and Mary Elizabeth.

  9. ooo the headache. have been there for sure

  10. You have a way of twisting words and making them sound original...truth: I haven't read the poems in question but will have to just to see how well you have played "wordgame"... ;)


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