Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Cats Are Saying About Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 1

Once again we polled four cats to learn their opinions. This time we wanted to know what they thought of the latest Harry Potter installment.

'Sir Reginald Plumperdink'
"What makes you think I know anything about the magical world of Harry Potter?

"Why do people keep calling me 'Professor McGonagall'?"

'The Duchess Gary Cooper'
"Anyone else think Plumperdink just looks like a Nazi with with an olive on a stick?"

"Daddy said when I was born the magic died."


  1. I knew you had some mad photoshopping skills!


  2. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to Harry Potter. What's wrong with me? How could I let myself miss out on this all important part of American culture?

  3. Harry is as english as they come and I love their accents ...colonial hangover...and I love the idea of magic. Hp movies are one of the better adapts of books..but the joy of bks is the imagination involved....

  4. Always enjoy these! Melvin cracks me up every time!

  5. nice i like your post!
    Following you bro!

  6. poor Melvin!

    (I'm going to see this saturday)

  7. This is your best cat post yet. I love Sir R's accessories. Poor Melvin. His father is ruthless. xo

  8. Any time i see these posts you do I cheat and scroll down as fast as I can to see Melvin. Can't get enough of him!!!!! I do like the other cats as well. Melvin is just tops in my book.

  9. What?! No Mrs. Norris?! How could she be left out of this panel? And not just that, none of the other cats even mention her. Poor poor kitty.

    (In case you don't know, Mrs. Norris is Mr. Filch's ugly cat in HP.)

  10. I agree with Gary Cooper, it's totally an olive.

  11. I am laughing at just the thought of interviewing cats and then I see these pictures. Ha!!


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