Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Music To Die To: Lucas With The Lid Off

For every song, there is an appropriate way to die.

Lucas With the Lid Off (1994)

LucacentricThe perfect party song for in the mid 90's, Lucas With the Lid Off combined catchy hooks and a funky sound. The video for the song was directed by the ever talented Michel Gondry and featured a very elaborate setup, shot in a single continuous take. Lucas himself, the son of one of the co-founders of Pottery Barn, continued on in the music industry afterwards but with a focus on producing and writing.

Chosen Way To Die:
Given the repetitive nature of the hook and the bouncy feel it seem ripe for a Rube Goldberg type of death. A lovely summer day, a father listening to his iPod, exits the house with a tray of  glasses filled to the brim with refreshing lemonade. Out in the yard his eldest son is mowing the lawn, while on the sidewalk his youngest son is playing marbles. Just in front of the house the man's wife is working on the garden, spade in hand.

Suddenly, a rock spits out from under the lawn mower. It nails perfectly one of the glasses on the tray. As the shards fly into the father's face, he drops the rest of the drinks. The noise causes his wife to turn around with spade upturned. Blinded by the lemonade in his eyes, the father takes a step forward onto the marbles which send him flying sideways onto his wife's spade. Impaled he fades slowly as the song plays in his ears.

Now Let's Listen To That Song:

At least it wasn't a cold wintery death to remind us of the frosty weather outside. 


  1. catch the vibe, catch the vibe. Hey, hey, hey

  2. this gave me the shivers. You paint a disturbingly realistic picture.

    In other news, lemonade is TAAAAAAAAAASTY.

  3. You're right - the perfect tune to accompany a horribly freakish toon-like demise.

  4. That was quite different and the story is very creative. Good job.

  5. OH I REMEMBER THIS TUNE!! FYI...I was a freak in the 90s. BTW...I made you blog of the day.


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