Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: The Roommate, Books, and James Cameron sucks (still)

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

The Other Woman (limited) - Natalie Portman... Ever heard of market saturation?

Sanctum - Apparently there are none Cameron people involved.

The Roommate - Somehow seems like we've been here before.

Waiting for Forever (limited) - That's a little too long to wait.

I've made no attempt to hide my hatred of James Cameron. As a person I think he comes across as an ass. As a filmmaker, while creating some entertaining fair, I've always felt he was largely overrated. He loves to throw out writing and style in favor of whatever latest technology has presented itself. That said, I love these kinds of movies, and too be fair, Cameron is in his best role here as producer. It's written and directed by others. Not that you'd know it from the commercials mind you. Other than acknowledging it's based on a true story, it's all been about Cameron. It's supposed to be a lot of fun so I will watch it on video. I just can't bring myself to support any of his theatrical endeavors. 

The Roommate... You've probably already seen this movie in a dozen incarnations. Course the audience targeted for this film is not going to care about originality. It's a cheap overused idea, kind of like Billy Zane who, speak of the devil, happens to be in the film. For those who never read it or have forgotten, he's still the lowest scoring actor I've run a By The Numbers on. I'm not saying that means anything, just thought I'd throw that out there.

More Stephen King news this week. It was announced that they're planning on making a theatrical release of The Stand. I'll be the first to admit that the miniseries was cheesy and not great (I won't admit that I actually owned it on VHS at one point... oh, crap) but this strikes me as a worse idea. Arguably his most loved standalone book (not my personal favorite, but it is good) is roughly what, 1200 pages? How are you going to cut that down to a 2 or 3 hour movie? Just not good. They're also remaking Pet Cemetery, but I always hated that book, so I could care less how they crap that up.

This also has given me thought over other authors who have had poor adaptations of their work and those who haven't even had their material touched. I'm still waiting for a good adaptation of a Donald E. Westlake novel. When your best interpretation of Dortmunder is an old Robert Redford film that was more boring than staring at a bucket of dirt, something's wrong. And for years I've thought Robert L. Asprin's MYTH series would make a fantastic TV show. 

So, my question to you all is what book(s) would you like to see done up as either a movie or television? Any that you think were improperly handled?

Oh and before I forget again (I've meant to post about it for a couple weeks now), Reputation@Stake has been posting chapters from his book for anyone interested in reading. It's been delightful so far, what with the murder and the mysteries. He's put up several chapters so far and the prologue (that was a link, hint hint). So if you're looking for a good read, head on over.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I agree with you on Pet Cemetery! And isn't The Roommate Single White Female? Oh, who cares!

  2. Cameron is a jerk. That fact that he had nothing to do with the writing of this movie means that I will see it. I boycott everything else he does. He is such a hack.

    Every five years we see the latest hot actresses do their remake of 'crazy psycho roomate girl'. It's as predictable as a sunrise. Not harmful - we just have seen it all before.

  3. We're supposed to hate Cameron? Okay, sure, why not. I agree his films are overrated, based on the money they make, but they're usually still descent films. But if I have to hate him, then alright. But just for you, TS.

    And thanks so much for mentioning my book.

  4. Rep - you can love Cameron all you want. What the hell do me and TS know? (only what separates a good movie from a stinky one)

  5. Natalie Portman seems to be everywhere...most book adaptations suck....especially Dan Brown's, also Sahara not to mention Grisham ones....
    I may be biased but unless its drama/period or fantasy/horror...directors make a butcher chop of books...

  6. I totally agree on the Cameron thing....
    Roger Ebert's thoughts on his pushing of 3D are the same as mine -- Cameron is damaging the technology's reputation with this new flick.

    I also agree on The Roomate. Doesn't Jessica Alba have something better to do?

  7. The original print of The Stand was 700 pages or so. Still, a lot to make a one part movie out of.

    Also, I agree that JC is overrated...both of them. Ha!

    I would love to see them make a movie of Craig Clevenger's The Contortionist's Handbook.

    Also, did you change the font on the blog? It seems a little harder to read and may or may not be giving me vertigo.

    Love always,

    Trevor D. Kionowski Esq.
    (Don't google this name, I made it up)

  8. The Pleasure of My Company could be entertaining ... I was a big big fan of terry brooks in middle school (guys with swords and magic and such). So that'd be like lord of the rings, but hopefully with less slow-motion hugging.

  9. I used to have such a crush on Billy Zane... might have to rent that when it some out on video, for old times sake

  10. Well I'm going to see Sanctum in the 3-D next week. My wife is a rabid diver and we saw the trailer some time ago...I think it was at the Alice In Wonderland Movie.

  11. TS and Kal, how about this? If Cameron turns my book into a movie then I'll like him. If he doesn't I won't. Fair?

  12. Cameron would only rewrite your story and turn it into puppy poop. Great effects but still puppy poop. Take the money and run.

  13. I think I would still like to see the roommate movie.

  14. I'm okay with the filmaker Cameron.

    As to Stephen King. Some of his stuff has been made into fantastic movies. But the Stand? I'll be shocked if it doesn't suck...

    thanks for this weeks flicks!

  15. But Kal, my whole book is about puppy poop. And I was really looking forward to seeing that doggy dung in 3D. But you're probably right, he'd probably just rewrite it and make it cat scat, and that would ruin the whole mood.

  16. To me the roommate will never beat single white female. NEVER!!!! Sorry for getting upset. Did I scare Melvin?

  17. Hey, I just thought of something worthwhile Cameron did, according to his ex-wife. She says he gave her good advice about how to make The Hurt Locker. But he's been quoted as saying he did ALL of it, which is a disgusting lie. So no, he didn't do anything worthwhile after all! :^)

  18. Yeah...why is it you don't see an actor/actress in ages...and then suddenly, they're popping up everywhere?

  19. Sorry I'm a bit late here TS...

    I'm an avid reader and I think there are TONS of SF/F books out there that would be great as movies.

    I'm excited about HBO doing George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones (Song of Fire & Ice series) soon.

    I'm bummed that I missed out on SyFy's adaptation of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden files books, but I heard they were kind of crapola anyways.

    But since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of having Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series made into movie/TV.

  20. Sarah, I wasn't too thrilled by SyFy's Dresden. Really lacked any punch to the material.


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