Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: Sucker Punch, Diary of Wimpy Kid, and S. Sucko

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - 1000 times over I hope this dies.

The Lion of Judah - I almost don't know where to start...

Peep World (limited) - Sadly, it doesn't star Mitchell and Webb

Sucker Punch - I can't see how this won't kill.

I've had my problems with Zack Snyder, but those were adaptations. I'm very interested to see what he can do with original material. From the commercials I'm sure every 15 year old geek boy will be dying to see Sucker Punch, as well as those of us whose 15 year old geek self still hasn't quite died (they just stay dormant until something cool happens). Reviews so far have been very mixed, however I've heard from a couple of friends who have already seen it, that it's a really fun film. I look forward to finding out myself. Though I'll probably wait till it exits theaters. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid... I watched the first one. I reviewed it. I remember I felt stupider after watching it. Just thinking about a sequel is having a similar effect. 

Then there's The Lion of Judah. I was serious, I'm not sure where to start on this one. It's an animated film about animals trying to save their lamb friend from being sacrificed at passover before the crucifixion of Christ. I can honestly say that's a sentence I never thought I'd write. It just has horrible written all over it. This coming from someone who grew up on all the cruddy Christian children shows. I don't find it offensive or anything just, wow, bad idea. That's not even mentioning the cast which features Ernest Borgnine,  Michale Madsen and Sandy Patti. If you don't recognize that last name, count your blessings and move on.

S Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (Widescreen)I want you all to know that I do this for you. I finally got around this week to watching S. Darko, the sequel to Donnie Darko. I knew it would be bad. I fully expected it to be terrible and it was. It takes place 7 years after the first film when Samantha Darko (Donnie's sister) starts having dark visions. I'm going to make this review short and simple. If you've ever seen Donnie Darko, you know the feel. It had great music used perfectly, an excellent cast, and great writing. The sequel is pretty much the opposite of that. It was kind of interesting seeing Daveigh Chase, more because I loved Lilo and Stitch (I'm oddly loyal to those who have done favorite cartoons) than seeing a reprise of what was a pretty background character in the first film. The true crime of the film though isn't in how bad it is -bad can be enjoyable- but in how dull it is. I almost turned it off several times just because it was that boring. There are subtle homages to the original. Wait, no, not subtle. What's the term I'm thinking of? Oh right, hit you over the head. Characters named Frank, the figure of the bunny (which makes sense to have after the first film, why?) and other such nonsense. Really I can't think of much good to say about it. 1 out of 10

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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The trailer for Diary of a Wimpy Kid makes me laugh, but I have no desire to see it.

    Hey, I know you talked about maybe seeing Devil in a post. Did you ever see it? We did this week and loved it. I was honestly sad when it was over and that doesn't happen too often for me. Not to mention that it is a little telling that I wanted to stay trapped in an elevator with the Devil for longer....I could take 'em.

  2. I hope Sucker Punch is good. Love the style and I'm a big fan of Snyder's flicks (for the most part).

    Also, pretty girls kicking ass brings me back to when I had a crush on Supergirl and She-ra.

  3. UGH. Would it be going too far to claim that Diary of A Wimpy Kid and other such books, like Captain Underpants, is everything that is wrong with America today? Seriously.

    This is what the kids are reading these days, and worse, ENCOURAGED to read. BY ADULTS THAT SHOULD KNOW BETTER. The idea, is that reading drivel like this will turn kids on to reading. The more simplistic the plot, the cruder the potty humor, the better.

    No worries about preparing young minds for complex ideas, no worries about introducing children to other cultures and experiences. Nah, Let's champion poop jokes, they'll love that.

    What kid wants to read a dusty old classic? I'LL TELL YOU...

    A kid that's given one.

  4. I don't care what the critics say about Sucker Punch, I want to see it. It's not like I expect to have my mind blown by the plot or anything. Who do they think they are?

  5. I might have to check out that Donnie Darko sequel.

  6. Wow, sounds like a pretty crap weekend for movies!

    I'm kind of on the fence about Wimpy Kid because with 5 kids - I encourage them to read anything and everything. The 3 older kids have read all these books and loved them. So as much as I have no desire to see this movie my kids are dying to go because they have read the book.
    I took them to the first one and it wasn't horrible. Maybe you should go see it first and let me know if I should make them wait for the dvd!! lol Have a great weekend!

  7. p.s. I love how self righteous Anna is in her comment!! lol

    I guess I am a crappy parent for encouraging my kids to read the books that interest them.

    You know they are still on the honor roll at school, they love reading (all kinds of books-even classics) and are really sweet and caring kids.

    So I guess she isn't quite as on the mark with her comments as she feels she is.

    I just don't understand when people feel the need to spread so much negativity.

    I would be intereted in knowing how many children she has. Just out of curiosity. Peace.

  8. thanks for your take on these movies. Of the group, the only one I will see is "Sucker Punch." I also expect it to be great!

  9. Oh Stacy! I am so sorry, you're absolutely right, that did come off as self-righteous. (Glad you loved it? *She trails off weakly.*)

    I'm not exactly known for my negativity, nor for spreading it, so I better apologize for that too. Who wants to be a downer? And never was it my intention to imply that anyone is a crappy parent, merely that I think the books are crappy. The books that my son actually owns.

    Sorry to be so off the mark, I will honestly think more carefully before I respond to future posts. You deserve that, so does everyone else.

    Oh, And I have two children. You win that one too! :-)

  10. Sorry, TS. :-(
    Sorry everybody.
    I'd remove it but it won't let me.

  11. It's not self righteous if you are right Anna. All you can hope for as a parent that you children want more than the dreck they are usually fed in bushles.

    I will probably see 'Sucker Punch' too. I just hoped for a good story to go with the visuals which we already know will be fantastic.

  12. Anna...what happened to you? We love your fiesty. I get OWNED everytime I try to knock you down and you let some other breeder take you out so easily? You pick cotton...COTTON. You are a lot toughter than this.

  13. I didn't see her comment as self-righteous at all. There is tons of crap out there and yes, it is great that it gets kids to read, but we don't have to encourage the potty humor and all that.

    There are so many great books and movies out there. It is about time a parent stood up and said enough!

  14. Oh, I'm sure I made it out to be worse than it really is. Just because it's not my cup o' tea, doesn't give me the right to come off as "holier than thou". I should have stuck to quietly hiding our copies behind our other books, instead I had to get all preachy like I know what I'm talking about or something. I don't! It really was rude of me, and I do humbly apologize.

    Anyway! I love the 7word, and don't want to ruin the fun anymore than I already have.

    Sucker Punch, anyone?

  15. When I saw Donnie Darko had a sequel, I got so I'm just sad.

  16. Gwen, I haven't yet seen Devil but is on my list. Since you recommend it I'll have to move it up.

    Stacy, I can assure you that Anna didn't mean it to be insulting.

    Anna, I like a good debate in the comment section of these posts. I haven't read the books so I can't speak to the quality, but as someone who does the odd movie review *gesturing toward the blog in a general fashion* I thought the first movie was trite.

  17. Sucker Punch and Wimpy Kid are the only ones in the list I think I've even heard of. Boy, I'm outta the loop. Good thing I've got your blog to get smartened up again. :) Have a nice weekend!

  18. Anna,

    I really do appreciate your response to my commment. Thank you for being nice about it.
    I'm not trying to win anything I just get a lot of crap from my "friends" who don't have kids and love to be the expert on how to raise them. I do the best I can. Sorry if I was being too sensitive.
    Peace, Stacy

  19. Oh, Of course! It's tough isn't it?

    And I really do know that you weren't trying to "win" anything, that was just another lame attempt at humor.

    Look out fellas! I'm on a roll!

    Truce, Anna

  20. Truce Anna.

    TS - thanks for the sweet comment (with only 2 m's this time) on my blog tonight. I enjoy reading your blogs too. Stacy

  21. don't forget those of us 30something girls who still act like teenage boys... I can't wait to see sucker punch

  22. Why oh why does the universe feel like they need to have those movies has sequels...especially for Donny S. Can't wait to your take on Arthur.

  23. No wimpy kid for me...I might as well document my life and make an Indie of it...Sucker punch sucks...though its here in town....the cast and story leave me stone cold....I am still recovering from Vanessa's screechy musical part 1, I had the misfortune of watching on cable...

  24. I have been waiting for Sucker Punch since the first trailer came out. That will be the only one of the list I'll see.

    Also, your reveiw of S. Darko was right on sucked balls and made no sense to me. I was ultra sorry I watched it since I thought the original was so good.


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