Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Battle of the Decades: The Final Countdown

It's been a heck of a series. I've seen grown decades weep like children. Well, weeping children. Eight decades down, two remain. First a look at the decades that won't be joining us today:

00's: Two 0's still amounts to nothing.
10's: Perfect 10? I think not.
20's: What a drunk.
30's: Not even as good as the 40's...
40's: ...and the 40's sucked.
50's: Sexist.
60's: Oversexed.
90's: As I recall, everyone was excited to see you end.

Which means that the final two are:

TNR: Why should people vote for you?
1970's: I know my opponent will try to run a smear campaign against me on the basis of disco, but seriously that's the smallest part of my contribution to the music world. When you think classic rock, you're thinking 70's. 'Sides, my style has come back into fashion. Not like the wreck that was the 80's. Leg warmers? Please.

TNR: Why should people vote for you?
80's: I can't argue the leg warmers thing. I will say that I killed disco. You're welcome for that. Not to dis the wonder that was Pong, but come on, we're talking NES. Music, I know I wasn't perfect but you know you love me. And don't even get me started on movies. I noticed the 70's didn't even bother mentioning film. You think of the 80's you know you'll start quoting. I'm just that awesome.

So we've arrived at last. It comes down to your votes. Which was the best decade? We will know soon. This time voting is going to be a bit shorter. I won't post anything else tomorrow so you'll have all day to stop by. Voting however ends tomorrow night. On Thursday I will reveal the winner of the competition. 

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