Sunday, April 3, 2011

C is For: Commercial Observations: DSW

This one took some thinking...


This commercial confused me the first few times I saw it. I really couldn't understand why the woman would chase down a man to find out where he'd gotten his shoes. Finally though, I did figure it out. Obviously, she's involved in some sort of class action law suit against the company. 

First let's look at the other side: Assuming that she was looking for shoes for some guy (unless she's got some weird thing for wearing men's shoes) and that's why she chased him down; if she so loved her own shoes and the store she found them in, why wouldn't she just go look there anyway? Especially since the guy responds with that she already knows the answer to her question.

If it were something positive she'd have no reason to follow him and ask. If she so loves the store and the shoes they sell, she wouldn't need an extra incentive to go there first. So, logically I assume it must be some negative reason for needing to know where he got those shoes. And what reason would you involve a complete stranger, chasing them down for the information you almost certainly already knew? Answer: you're involved in a class action suit against the company, most likely for a shoddily made product, and you're seeking to add more names to the lawsuit. 

Or at least, that's as best as I can figure it. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense. Course why DSW thought that would be a good selling point is completely beyond me.

I did briefly consider the possibility that she was only asking as a means of picking him up (as brilliant a line as that would be) but chucked that out as the message then would be that she didn't really care about shoes. In which case DSW might as well just go with the slogan 'DSW, no one gives a crap about the shoes.'

Anyway that's my theory. If anyone can suggest otherwise, please leave a message after the Beep.


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