Wednesday, April 13, 2011

L is For: Letters

Dear Pa,

I know it's been several years since we last spoke. It must not have been easy for you to accept my decision to move away from town. College... It just wasn't for me.

You'll be happy to know that the business is going fine. Baking is my life! I bet that's something you never thought you'd hear me say when I was growing up. Course when I was a kid I always figured I'd grow up to be a dentist or a rock star. The one required better grades than I had in me while the other required, well, talent. haha

I bet you're wondering why I'm writing after so many years. It's a funny thing really. I was walking through the supermarket with my partner the other day and as I passed by a row of pickle jars I suddenly remembered that time Aunt made up all those nasty pickles for a contest. We didn't want her feelings hurt so we replaced them with store bought. But then after a guilt trip we decided she had to enter her own and we ended up eating the whole batch in one night.

I guess it left me feeling homesick.

I also heard about Barney. I know that one must have hit you hard. I visited him last weekend at the institution. It's not as bad a place as I thought it would be. It's more of a retirement home that happens to be equipped to handle those suffering from dementia. I don't know how often you get up to Raleigh to see him, but he seemed pretty happy when I visited.

Anyway, I better cut this short before it turns into a novel. I hope everything is fine with you and that retirement is treating you well. Maybe we can get together in the future, put our lines in the water.

Love, Your Son,

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