Friday, April 15, 2011

M is For: Mila Kunis: Peaked

Sure we know and love (or hate) actors all throughout their lengthy careers, but that doesn't mean they didn't already at some point deliver their greatest performance. It's my aim to remember each actor or actress's greatest performance. The one moment where they truly peaked.

Today's Featured Performer:
Mila Kunis

After her performance in The Black Swan, I'm sure many of you would suggest that she's just going to keep climbing. While I'm sure her career will, I doubt she will ever top one of her earlier roles. No, I'm not talking about Jackie from That 70's Show. Nor am I referring to her stint on 7th Heaven (I'd actually prefer to forget that show ever existed, thank you). And I'm certainly not talking about Family Guy.

Back in 1998 a sub-par comedy called Krippendorf's Tribe hit theaters. It starred Richard Dreyfuss as an anthropologist who fakes finding a tribe to cover up a misuse of grant money. Using his family he makes up a series a videos featuring various tribal rituals. There was a lot to hate in the movie, but there were also a few chuckles. Mila's role is very small. I haven't seen the film in awhile, but if I remember correctly she only has one line. The scene features Dreyfuss's son doing a school presentation on the same fake tribe his father created. Parents and teachers looking on as he stands on stage with a covered cage and a pig. He explains that the tribe has a ritual for young virgins experiencing their first menstruation. The cage is uncovered to reveal Mila inside, who is playing the young virgin. As part of the ritual, she is to be doused in pig urine.

The face she makes, the demanding that her mother let her go through with it, it all works together to create a truly great comedic moment that I doubt she will ever be able to top. Truly her peak.

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