Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Word Weekend Movie Review: Thor, Beavers, and Pusher gets remade, again

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

The Beaver (limited expands May 20) - C'mon, you know you wanna see it...

Hobo With a Shotgun (limited) - Best title of the week, hands down.

Jumping the Broom - Tagline: Pride & Predjudice never sucked so hard.

Something Borrowed - From other movies right? I already knew.

Thor - Brace yourselves, I'm about to geek sacrilegious...

I've always hated Thor. I thought the comics were boring and stupid. When Stan Lee explained in an interview that he always tried to make powers like flight seem realistic, and then referenced Thor swinging his hammer... Let's just say I've never thought as highly of Stan Lee since.

Now regards the movie... I liked the design of the costumes, and thought it had some appeal to it. Reviews have been somewhat mixed. There's some love for it but a lot of critics have said that at best it's okay. With all the superhero movies coming out this season, this isn't top priority for me. But whatev, it's sure to win the weekend. Though it'll be interesting to see how big of a chunk Fast Five will hold onto.

Ah, The Beaver. Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson teaming up to tell the story of a man and his beaver puppet. I know there'll be a faction that will refuse to watch because it's Mel Gibson. Frankly him speaking out on his craziness doesn't really matter to me. I could care less how crazy or idiotic an actor is. If a movie looks good, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not paying to see the actor's life on screen. Gig Young murdered his wife of three weeks before killing himself. Does that influence me in how I feel when watching Teacher's Pet (I realize these references might be a little obscure for younger generations, but can't be helped, it's what jumped to mind)? Absolutely not. Here we have an absolutely bizarre and wonderful premise for a movie, let's let the crazy fall to the wayside and enjoy it for what it is, a man and his beaver.

Course it's only limited right now so I'm probably jumping the gun slightly on talking about it. I'm such a trend setter. [SEE: Irony]

I've been a bit busy for awhile and have some reviewing to catch up on so I figure I'll start parceling them out in this column. 

So, on the staying in front...

The FallI finally watched The Fall a few weeks back. The film features Lee Pace as a stunt man in the 20's laid up in a hospital. Though injured his real pain comes from a broken relationship. Looking for a way to end it all he happens to meet a little girl with a broken arm also staying in the same hospital. In an attempt to manipulate her into procuring drugs, he begins to weave a fantastical story. Tarsem Singh creates a visually striking story that truly captivates. The little girl, Catinca Untaru, is an unusaul delight, demonstrating acting skills beyond her years. The movie is dark, melancholic, beautiful, and at times heartbreaking. 8.5 out of 10

Before I watched The Fall I was kind of cool on the upcoming Snow White film. Now though I'm curious to see what Tarsem can do with it.

I'm not sure how come I'm suddenly receiving Vertigo Films press release stuff, considering I've never even visited their site. But what the heck, I've liked some of their films and this is supposed to be an entertainment site at heart, so I guess I'll pass along any news that seems interesting. 

The latest thing I was sent (days ago -I said I was busy yes?) was a press release for an upcoming remake of a Danish film called Pusher. The original's a cult favorite that spawned two sequels. Heck, it's actually already had one remake -a Hindi one, last year. It's not my favorite film of Nicolas Winding Refn, but it's a strong crime flick. Interestingly he's given an enthusiastic blessing to the English remake. Don't see that very often. I've looked at the cast and the director, but I don't really recognize any of them other than Agyness Deyn who was in Clash of the Titans. Still, it's one to keep an eye on as it could turn out to be an interesting project.

Or it could suck huge. I try to keep an open mind to all the possibilities.

Well, I'm out. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Alex J. CavanaughMay 6, 2011 at 7:42 AM

    Never read the comic, but do plan to see Thor today. Fast Five was great and hope it holds some of its audience. The Beaver - no comment!

  2. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Fast Five. I was pretty determined to hate it, but I guess all the action and yummy ment won me over. I'm so shallow.

    I will see Thor, even though I have no attachment to it, or the comics.

    The Fall is on Instant Play on Netflix. Guess who knows what they will be doing at work today?? *this girl*

  3. OK, OK, You've convinced me to stay home this weekend. My laundry thanks you.

  4. but thor has natalie portman in it. Captain America is going to be the comic movie of the summer. Mark my words.

  5. I just hope that at least one movie this summer doesn't suck. (=

    My husband didn't work on Thor-- so if it's lame-- that's ok.

  6. Nope I don't plan on seeing any of those.

  7. I'm interested in seeing Thor because I've always like Kenneth Branagh (based solely on Hamlet). I've never cared much for Thor, but I'm sure with a couple of beers, an open mind, and no expectations of greatness, I'll enjoy it in all its mediocrity.

  8. Do you ever watch any movies? lol
    Seems like you say that every time.

  9. love your take on that bs wedding movie! dying to see
    The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and

  10. maybe there's something wrong with me, but the most appealing film of the lot is "hobo with a shotgun." I like Rutger Hauer most of the time and this looks pretty quirky (or maybe pretty bad). speaking of Rutger Hauer, have you done him yet? You know what I mean (by the numbers).

  11. I haven't no. I will make sure to add him to the list.
    I didn't really talk about Hobo with a shotgun cause I'm planning on watching that one hopefully soon and figured I'd just review it afterwards.

  12. I never liked Thor, either, as a comic hero....but will see the movie, mainly because the movie Thor is hot. (lol)

  13. I read the book "Something Borrowed" and quite enjoyed it. I want to see the movie now, but hope it lives up to the book.

  14. Beaver movie? Beaver puppet? Oy. That Mel just keeps asking for all sorts of attention. I agree the Hobo title is awesome. Have a good weekend and treat yourself to some chocolate for the win. (Baygirl wanted another bonus question. I told her you'd both keep getting the answers right so it was best to call it a tie.

  15. I wish I could go to the movies more. It just doesn't happen that often with 5 kids unless it is a "kid" movie. I enjoy them vicariously now through your reviews!! LOL Have a good weekend.

  16. God, I love the movies! Thor - is one I'm going to see, I hear a rumour he actually has an UZI? True or not true? ;-)

  17. oooo oooo THOR!!! I wanna see Thor

  18. Your reveiw of "Something Borrowed" reminded me why I look forward to the 7 word weekend reviews. Fantastic,


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